How to Heal from Trauma and Create Joyful Living



Have you experienced a time in your life that shook you to your core?

You awaken in the morning hoping that it was all a dream and life will be normal.

The reality hits you of what you’ve experienced and begrudgingly you get up and try to pretend it doesn’t hurt as much as it does.

The feeling never quite goes away, things will never be the same no matter what you do to create normal again.

Everything you know feels different. Your ideals have been shattered, the term “Life is Good” has lost its luster.

You are not quite sure where to turn for help or what action will lift your spirits. If only you could turn back time and get a do-over.

So you end up packing up your pain and storing your feelings away in the highest, deepest, corner of your proverbial closet.

Hoping your life will go on as planned.

Burying your feelings is a Troublesome Choice.

You want to erase what happened and never think of it again. Deep down your inner guidance tells you to face the trauma and heal. Your mind has been conditioned by society to burying these turning points in life. You feel pressured to move on like a robot.

Your loved ones may avoid what has happened altogether if they even know what is going on internally for you and they concentrate on cheering you up and encourage you to move forward.

If you choose to pack away your trauma it will follow you in every area of your life. Unhealed trauma creates energetic blocks in our mind. We become unable to feel fulfilled when we are successful and Joy is unattainable.

We prevent ourselves from enjoying life to the fullest. Unhealed trauma has the ability to manifest disease in the body as well, often showing up as mysterious chronic conditions. On the surface, it appears an easier softer way to ignore these dramatic events, yet it could have debilitating consequences.

In my work with Reiki clients, quite a few have had a diagnosis or a long forgotten injury. I always ask if something traumatic happened 6 months to 2 years before the first symptoms appeared. The answer is always yes.

We then work towards, healing the body, mind, and spirit. When awareness is created around what needs to heal clients often acknowledge that there is some personal forgiveness or acceptance work to attend to before they can fully let go of their underlying grief.

The courage to heal is the true road to Joyful living.

When you encounter a trauma that affects you in a mental, emotion and spiritually you must reach out for all the help you can get.

The difficulty of facing your trauma, feeling your feelings, and using these events for your personal and spiritual growth is where your true spirit will shine. When we encounter a trauma that affects us in a mental, emotion and spiritual way we must be open to the feelings that surface so we can process them.

It is the path to healing.

We are emotional beings and need to give our emotions voice so they don’t come out at inopportune times and ways.

Up until the age of 18, I suffered well over a dozen traumas that I had buried. I didn’t have the resources or knowledge to get the help I needed. The adults in my life had either looked the other way or been the source of my pain.

Those traumas had stuck with me all of my life as obstacles to my happiness. Some were as simple as being witness to family arguments that created my view of relationships, others were as difficult as grief for people that I lost and a few were painful traumas meant to harm me, inflicted by other people. It was not until the age of 40 when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety that I was able to start processing them.

Until I was diagnosed, those experiences had become the foundation of every choice I made in life. They undermined my choices for relationships, self-care and pursuing my own happiness. I made several good choices as well, but often for the wrong reason. It left me feeling sadness even when life appeared to be very good on the outside.

An unburdened heart is a joyful place.

There is always a light if we choose to see and it begins with acknowledging our history.

Healing begins when you shine light into the darkness of your internal closet.

Through the dedicated work of counseling, coaching and/or spiritual healing you can begin to lift the heaviness your heart has been holding. Find a practitioner you trust who is dedicated to your healing. It can change your life.

When you begin to unpack your trauma you will be released from the burden of your experiences. A weight will feel as if it has lifted as you are supported to understand you are not responsible for the trauma.

Those that have suffered trauma often feel like they are responsible for what has happened. But the truth lies in not your responsibility for what has happened to you but for holding on to the pain it has caused you.

Your responsibility lies in processing your feelings. Upholding the mental image as a difficult period you were meant to recover from, and know that you are spiritually supported, loved and able to receive the nurturing that will enable you to heal.

Healing is the path to a life of Joyful living.

If you find that Joy is missing from your life maybe it is time to unpack some of the trauma you have experienced. Heal with the help of a practitioner you trust.

What feels right to you? If you are going to re-live trauma it is best to visit a mental health professional for talk therapy to relieve the mental aspects and find emotional clarity. Reiki, energy healing, or life coaching can help you recover spiritually and create a plan for moving forward with new choices.

It will be the most worthwhile investment you have ever made in yourself and can lead you to a create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Look inside yourself for the courage to heal and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Charlene Anestis

Charlene Anestis, is a Empowerment Coach for Healers, Coaches and Empaths who want to use their energetic power to uplevel their life and business. The mission of this blog is to empower healer, coaches and empaths to embrace their life in a way that creates massive impact on the world without sacrificing their energy. She has previously been featured on the blog Tiny Buddha.

  • Holly Sturgeon says:

    Such a great post – it’s really important to accept and move forward as much as possible!

    Holly x

  • Yes, it is, there is always going to be memories, but they certainly do not need to hold us back from moving forward. Wishing you a great day!

  • This is a beautiful article. I love your pictures too. I love your quote about joyful living too. Very profound

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