Reiki: The Top 10 Reasons You May want to Try It

10-reasons-try-reiki Reiki is a form of Energy Healing that has become a common practice in hospitals, private practices, and some hospices.

Locally in the Boston area, many hospitals have volunteer Reiki practitioners available most days of the week. Brigham and Women’s has grown their volunteer program to 60 + volunteers, Dana-Farber, Boston Children’s Hospital and many other smaller hospitals use Reiki as part of their integrative therapies.

It is used in hospitals to help calm patients before and after surgery, cancer treatments or other difficult procedures. It helps lessen excruciating pain and boost the patient’s natural healing abilities.

That is pretty amazing considering a large part of the population has never heard of Reiki.

It is not just for people who are dealing with an illness, however it can help any human , animal or plant.

Here are the top 10 reasons you may want to try Reiki.

1. You experience a sinful hour of Peace.

You lie on a massage table fully clothed with soft restful music playing or silence, your choice . Most Reiki treatment rooms are created to give a feeling of restfulness . During the session, you rest peacefully while the practitioner rests their hands lightly on the body.

2. Reiki can lead to reduced pain from chronic conditions.

One of the reasons Reiki has become common in hospitals is that it can reduce the suffering from pain before pain medication has a chance to help. The practitioner can spend extra time around sore spots and often your pain scale will go down by the end of the session. Sometimes the relief will last a few days and with regular appointments may go away indefinitely.

3. It can support those receiving mental health treatments

The difficult challenges you thought you had gotten over keeps showing up through fear and repeating behavioral patterns. When a memory is acknowledged you can set your intention during the session to receive healing towards accepting and moving forward from the experience. Reiki should never replace Mental Health treatment but can be complementary to Mental health treatment in moving you forward in your healing process.

4. Reiki can give you clarity with challenges you are facing.

At the beginning of the session, you can share the challenge you are facing and set your intention to gain clarity and understanding around your situation. Often new ideas and solutions will come to you during the session or in the following days. Aha moments that you can then take action on.

5. It is a wonderful way to connect to your intuitiveness and gain spiritual insight.

Reiki is not connected with any religion, however, it is a bridge to connecting to your own inner guidance and can open the door to seeing the world from a more spiritually grounded perspective. During a session many people set an intention around a challenge and often they gain new insight that hadn’t occurred to them before.

6. Stress relief for the overwhelmed.

A jaw-dropping number of people are suffering from stress on a regular basis. It shows itself as adrenal fatigue and recovery can be difficult. A Reiki session removes tension from the body without the painful manipulation of a massage. The whole experience is calming and peaceful. Practitioners are often full of knowledge on how to alleviate stress daily in your life. Do not hesitate to ask for their hidden stash of resources and advice.

7. It can help alleviate anxiety.

Reiki supports a person on a Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level. When you treat the whole individual instead of their symptoms the outcome is usually longer lasting and the individual progresses to a point where they let go of some of their fear, thus relieving how often they experience anxious episodes.

8. Reiki is for everyone.

No matter who you are, everyone is dealing with some kind of challenge. Even healthy people will benefit greatly from sessions. On another note it can also be performed by anyone, Reiki 1 is for self-treatment and for treating friends and family . It is easy and inexpensive to gain this self-healing ability for your own use every day for the rest of your life find a Reiki Master Teacher in your area.

9. An Amazing that can have miraculous results.

Once you experience the stunning results that Reiki brings, you may wonder, as I did, how you have gotten through your life without it. It is an Amazing experience and a great resource to have in your toolbox should you, a friend or a family member encounter an illness, injury or just need some emotional or mental support.

10. Simply put, Reiki is good for the dying.

We will all have our time at the end of our life. I have seen it help many patients during my hospice volunteering. The patients who have requested treatments with me have had easier transitions and have been grateful for Reiki’s help, everyone can use healing in their life especially before they depart. Reiki can also help those who are grieving to feel loved and supported.

Try A Few Reiki Sessions

The next time you are looking for a way to relax or get some pain relief, skip the massage or drinks and look up your local Reiki practitioner and make an appointment. If you have a surgery planned, inquire ahead as to whether the hospital uses Reiki and make sure to inform your doctor that you would like to add it to your surgical plan. You will be amazed by the result.

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