Reiki is a natural gentle way to ease pain,  support your wellness and gain mental Clarity 

Reiki is Gentle and Restorative. It Complements any medical treatment you are already receiving and can also be used to reduce stress, promote wellness and induce relaxation.

Reiki is used in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to relieve pain, reduce nausea, bring deep relaxation to patients and enable them to feel a sense of well being. It is used to comfort hospice patients by providing pain relief and reduce stress and anxiety.

What is Reiki?

The concept of subtle energy healing has been used in the Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and Christian cultures for thousands of years. These cultures call subtle or nonphysical energies Chi, Qi, Prana or Holy Spirit/Spirit and are believed to inhabit all conscious beings. Here in the west this energy has become known as the Biofield Science.

Biofield Science studies the communication through fields of energy between molecules, cells and organs that help the body regulate good health.

Reiki is the Japanese term for these subtle energies and the use of these subtle energies to heal the self or another of physical and mental disorders.

Research shows that spiritual experiences positively affect physical health and well-being.

What can Reiki help with?

  • Better Sleep
  • Pain
  • Digestion
  • Reduce Depression and Anxiety
  • Accelerated healing
  • Creating a stronger self-confidence and self-worth
  • Connecting with your inner spirit


What is a Reiki Session Like?

During a Reiki Session you lay on a massage table fully clothed, Some clients like a blanket. Relaxing music plays and with the clients permission the practitioner places their hands on the recipient in specific hand patterns.

Some clients fall asleep and the majority of clients feel less pain or no pain at the end of the session and over several sessions some issues clear up completely.  Clients report the feeling of wellness after a session to last a couple of days.

Initial Appointments are 75 minutes $85.00

Regular appointments are 60 minutes $85.00 with packages available at a discount price

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The Reiki Precepts that practitioners follow

For Today Only:Do not AngerDo not worryBe HumbleBe Honest in your WorkBe Compassionate to Yourself and Others

Now, I know there are probably many other gifts of Reiki that are separate from the usual domestic offerings. A key point to me is that Reiki covers the whole body externally and internally. Over the many years of activity in sports, baseball, football, golf, tennis and several other “games” one of the continuing issues was the condition of my body!

Sometimes, I felt I was just worn out! Now in Concord, I have been a client of Charlene’s who is a marvelous conductor of the Reiki experience. Here is a bit of the history that brought us together. In all the sports situations for some time, I could easily get a massage of varying standards.

During my years in Japan, however, I ran into an opportunity after tennis, golf and other sports to have a Reiki experience. For many of us foreigners the acceptance of the general absence of hands on the body and amazingly realized effectiveness was an extraordinary experience that would last through several days. Particular parts of the body, knees, shoulders , head do receive particular attention again with the gentle placing of the hands. The marked contrast between Reiki and the wide range of ordinary massages is distinctive and in particular with regard to the physical force. There is no force with Reiki.

As a result of Reiki my body has been much more connected and responsive in a quiet way. With regard to changes, I would say that my body has been far more responsive to your treatment with a deep feeling of relaxation and pleasure. I experience no stiffness or painful parts of the body, full relaxation and a much clearer mind that is not distracted.

I have recommended your service to friends. A particular reason would be to open the opportunity for so many who are simply receiving “full hands on” treatments and not aware of the many additional gifts of Reiki, especially if the person is elderly. I am sure that many of us continued to receive the usual programs for sports and aging. To me, as I have said, we are close to a wonderful experience that out does what we have chosen before.

I would conclude with a strong statement that you are particularly gifted in the Reiki process which frees up the inward parts of our bodies and minds without rough handling. Whether we are young or old, I would strongly recommend Charlene’s marvelous skills in caring with us with her Reiki skills.

Rick W. Concord, Ma