Quiz: What Your Energy Color Reveals About You

What Color is your Energy?

What does your energy color reveal about you?

Everything in the universe is consists of energy.

You have a distinct energetic signature and the energy in your body and surrounding you has an unseen color (there are special cameras that can capture these.

has an unseen color (there are special cameras that can capture these). You can have different colors surrounding you and they can shift due to mood, health of your body and your thoughts.

Some colors are more vibrant and their energy vibrates at a higher rate. When you are in a peaceful state or less

energetic you may appear a different color than when you are in a high energy state.

This fun quiz will show you what your energy color is based on your personality and what it reveals about you!

I’d love for you to share your results in the comments below!

Have a peace filled day!




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