How to Create Powerful Intention by asking One Simple Question

heartfelt-powerful-intnetionWhat if you really did it? You went ahead and created a powerful intention to embrace your life fully and you walked over every obstacle like it was a blade of grass.

The reason why I asked is this, When my daughter played varsity ice hockey, every year at the banquet the senior captains would read a what if statement. It was always the highlight of the banquet, because who can guess what a few 18 years old girls are going to come up with as the other possibilities that could have transformed their year.

It opened the girls up to a whole different perspective of the season. Everyone had a lot of laughs as the seniors made their what if presentation full of funny jokes and weird scenarios.

But also, the girls allowed in the things they really wish would’ve happened. The really heartfelt wishes that bonded them together as a team.

The things that the girls wanted for each other, but it was in controlled by the adults, circumstances or just plain seemed impossible. Their powerful intention was there but it was hidden away.

Those things may not have happened and sometimes it was out of their control, but it didn’t stop them from knowing that something different had been possible with just a few slight tweaks to the story with their powerful intention to receive.

Starting with the end in mind

I often wondered how the seasons would have been different if they would have done the What If presentation at the beginning of the season.

To put those heartfelt wishes and intention for the team out there in open air so that the possibilities remained open. Then maybe some miracles could’ve happened on their own.

Placing their intention out in view, so the adults could know the girls desires and maybe show up in small ways to make things just a little bit better.

Clarity leads to Powerful Intention

So I ask, What if you were to play the What If Game with YOUR life.

To ask at every opportunity the question what if?  And I don’t just mean  when your dreaming up your next phase of life or project.

I’m talking about asking what if, when things aren’t going so well and you’re about ready to give up. Because I bet if you did, and really allowed yourself to view ALL of the options you may find that things would become lighter.

More opportunities would surface within your mind over gloomy scenarios, actionable steps may pop up that you could take that would direct your path to be more aligned with where you would like to go.

It  would clear the clutter fogging your mind with what you think will happen and allow your heart to speak of what you really want for yourself. Clarity about what you want can make all the difference when you create in your life.

Let the possibilities lead

It is the starting point for creating a life that you want to lead, with the clear knowledge of the feelings you would like to produce.

Having clear knowledge of what you want and the feelings that go along with it is, the foundation of creating something grand in your life. It is the basis of developing our Intention.

With a powerful intention you are more likely to take the actionable steps that create your desired outcome.

So take a What if moment and allow yourself to dream a bit and don’ t be shy about what it is you want. Do not deny what comes up for you or dismiss it as impossible.

Explore your options and dig deep into your desires and once you feel you’ve uncovered what you really want, set your intention as if there are no obstacles that can come in your way.

And then ask What If?


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