May Practice Guide: Gratitude and Authenticity

Focus of the Month: Gratitude for our experience

Look for the light in the world and the light within. We all have something to shine upon others. Sometimes we are called to be a presence to show someone gently what they may want to address and work on.

Sometimes we ourselves have a message to gift to the world, so if this is true for you remember this month that it is your duty to share that message.

Be grateful for being the one that has gone through a difficult phase and learned a powerful lesson. If you share that lesson it may help someone from having to go through their own difficulty.

Energy Technique

Settle into a comfortable chair. Take 5 deep breaths in pulling your breath all the way down so that your belly expands.

Begin to imagine you are sitting on top of a mountain. The weather feels perfect. There is a calm breeze brushing your skin.

Start to breathe into your heart space and imagine a warm feeling settling there. Get in touch with what love feels like. Let your gratitude for all that you have in your life start to build.

As you breathe out slowly begin to radiate that love over the people in your life, acquaintances, and the strangers of the world.

On your exhale imagine a clear passage of the breath through your heart space to your throat center carrying out that love you built earlier as a helpful message to share.

What is it you want to share? What needs to be said? Take a few moments to journal, write a note to someone, or prepare some happy mail to send out.

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This month again is the Throat Chakra Wear more Blue.

Gems and Stones:  Chrysocholla, Malachite .

Essential Oil: Peppermint, Myrrh
Peppermint has many uses. Is used often for Digestion and alertness. It has a sharp strong taste and when put in your water or tea it will cleanse the throat and it feel more open. Myrrh is one of the biblical oils it has a thick consistency and a smokey sometimes sweet smell. It can work with emotions and affect the hypothalamus bringing a sense of calm and balance.

If you are local email me to see if I have the oils in stock or order here and have it directly shipped to your home.


Yoga for Gratitude

Yoga practice can be done at home and developed gradually. Finding some simple yoga stretches and poses and practicing consistently can bring us into the present moment. As yoga brings an inner peace to our mind it allows us to find gratitude for our very presence and existence.

Starting a yoga practice with the intention to find gratitude raises our thoughts, feelings of well-being and heightens or vibration. It is a feeling that can last most of the day if we keep bringing ourselves back to our practice. Here is a simple set of yoga poses that can be completed at home. Choose three that look comfortable for you to do regularly.

Yoga Poses



Energy Card of the Month:

Happy Family Reversed :

The energy card this month is reversed Happy Family it is showing a disconnect with your connection with others in your circle.This doesn’t always mean your direct family it could also be a work situation or a group you are involved with.

The best practice could be to just become an observer of the situation, watch with interest the people involved and feel into their motivation.

Watch for the good in the situation, is there a benefit if the situation resolved in a way that is unexpected?

Is there a positive solution for the situation that are willing to share and be a part of?

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Wishing you a Joy-filled day!


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