March Practice Guide

Theme of the Month: Loving Service

This month is all about paying attention to the warmth and affection to those around you. There is love available to you and when you get struck in the mundane tasks of “doing” life you forget about the true meaning behind your tasks.

What is your purpose and who are you trying to serve?

Set your intention to involve your heart in everything you do and you will see rewards. Remember to be grateful for those around you, especially those that are older and wiser. You have so much love to give and it will be greatly rewarded.

Energy Technique:

When you are in the presence of others connect with your heart. Breathe into your heart space and imagine yourself radiating love towards those around you. Silently practice this with those that you are having communication difficulties with, it will open up the energy between you and allow for more friendly agreements. Do not doubt that this exercise will work. It does!

Monthly Offer: Heart Energy Clearing Session

90 Minute Session on the phone

This session will enable you to feel more loved. Love begins from within and you can not feel loved by others until you have removed the blocks that are keeping you stuck in pain from past hurts.

This is a combined energy healing session with a strategy session.

In 90 minutes over the phone (bonus! You do not need to leave your home or office!)

We will zone in on one relationship and clear the pattern in place that is preventing you from moving forward. By clearing the pattern and creating a strategy for the future you will feel the effects and be able to duplicate the results in all of your relationships.

We will have a healing release session followed by a dream, vision, goal session.
You will walk away with:

A feeling of confidence in your relationships and an simple tool to find forgiveness when heartache happens.

A customized treasure map that includes a daily self-love plan, affirmations, action steps and journal prompts that will keep your focused on the receiving more love!

Heart Chakra- Wear more Pink and Spring Green

Gems and Stones:  Rose Quartz, Malachite.

Essential Oil: Sacred Frankincense, Gratitude Sacred Frankinsense has a stable undertone with a rich sweetness to it reminding you the of the strong love that comes from within and the divine living. Gratitude essential oil has a light centered feel with a sharp uplift finish to wake you up to all that is good in your life.

If you are local email me to see if I have the oils in stock or order here and have it directly shipped to your home. 

Yoga Poses to have you feeling centered and safe : Check out these…

Energy Card of the Month:

Energy Oracle Cards from Sandra Anne Taylor

Caring Connections : Create balance in your relationships. If you aren’t taking the time to pay attention to the little things the meaningful moments won’t appear. Find joy in the silent moments and the small talk. Share truthfully your needs and listen to others about their needs. This is for all your relations, work, partner, family and friends. There is comfort and comradery when you give and take and everyone’s needs are met.


“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

Margaret Mead

Wishing you a Joy-filled day!


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