Make the world stop spinning: Learn how to Meditate


learn-to-meditateHas someone ever suggested you meditate?

Your doctor, therapist or a caring friend.

Telling you it will help you calm your anxiety and reduce your stress levels?

Have you rolled your eyes and thought to yourself ” That’s just so not me” or “Shut my brain off , I can’t do that” and maybe even “I’ve tried”.

 You probably went on with your crazy fast paced life of work, family, obligations etc. You may be one of those people who never stop, constantly trying to accomplish everything on your “to do” and “bucket list” and often find you can’t make the world stop spinning. Many people do not grasp the possibilities that meditating allows them, Here’s some reasons why you may want to start and how to begin.

  • Since you may be on overdrive and most people are, the number one reason to start may be to up your productivity. When you meditate you gain focus, clarity, and memory. The act of releasing your thoughts as they come up clears up the clutter that resides in your brain. You can read more scientific data here.  After releasing all those old grocery lists, conversations with your mother and chores you need to attend to you will find when you return to your tasks you will be more calm, focused and refreshed. Your productivity should skyrocket.


  • Do you find yourself stressed out? Meditation helps you get control of your emotions and physical stress. By calming the mind and releasing your thoughts, you release your emotions and physical tightness as well. The most difficult part most beginners talk about is being fidgety and unable to stop their thoughts,  when the hardest part is actually letting go of your emotions and releasing the physical tension we unknowingly hold in our body. Think of your thoughts as a balloon that holds your emotions inside and the tension that holds your body rigid is like a metal jacket preventing you from feeling free and loose. Learn how to release them Try this mediation it is less than four minutes.


  • Anxiety !!!! Do you have any?  It amazes me that so many people keep their anxiety hidden, until you ask around or share about your own you would never know how often people suffer from anxiety. Meditation helps immensely yet most people medicate and just put at bandaid on it.  The number one reason and the only cause in my eyes for anxiety is living in the past or projecting into the future. Anxiety is caused by fearful thoughts either about something that happened in the past or something you worry about in your future.  The only way to rid yourself of anxiety is , and here’s the tricky part, staying in the present moment !  When you meditate you are focusing on the present moment by paying attention to your breathe or your walking steps or a visualization, this gives you no time to have fearful thoughts . Read some research here from Harvard.


  • You are happier! People who meditate seem to gain a sense of gratitude about their life and are able to remain calmer in most situations. It is harder for people to push your buttons if you practice letting go of those emotion filled ballons 🙂 If you are letting go of anxiety, physical tension, stress and upping your productivity don’t you think you’d be happier? There is also smiling meditation! My favorite easy one is from Thich Nhat Hanh Just repeat it a few times calmly breathing and smiling and release any tension you feel.
  • People who meditate are healthier. It lowers your blood pressure and heart rate and helps your immune system along with the benefits of helping your mental , emotional and spiritual state of being. You will also lose or lesson those lines in your face that you blame on your age , they start to fade when you practice meditation and your face loses all that tension you hold in it, so you appear to have softer skin with less wrinkles especially between the eyebrows, on the forehead and near the mouth. Who doesn’t want to look healthy and relaxed?

Need more reasons? These are a good start and I’ve linked a few sites to find out more and a couple beginning meditations to try. Well here are some more resources on some different meditation styles you may want to start with.

Different forms of Mediations to Try

Breathing meditations are some of the easiest to learn and you can practice them anywhere at any time.

  1. Start with my all time go to easy meditation. Breathe in to the count of 4 Breathe out to the count of 4. Repeat it until you notice you have slowed down a bit. Practice this often and when a stressful situation begins practice it then you will notice a difference on how you handle stress.
  2. Anulom Vilom Pranayam: Alternate Nostril Breath When I was becoming a Reiki Master I was taught this breathing exercise and encouraged to practice it twice a day to balance out the dominant side of my brain and body so that they were more even.
  3. Chanting exercises are easy and fun to do . YouTube and itunes are filled with easy to learn chants some of them are tied to Buddhism , Sikh, or Hindu religions and are used for meditation, manifestation or prayer purposes I have tried many and really enjoy chanting. The simplest is to chant Aum (Om) in a way that you feel the vibration in your heart center . When you are chanting you have no time to think! A very powerful chant is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo by Indiajiva and here is Tina Turners version she credits chanting and meditation with helping her recovery from alcohol addiction.
  4. The other meditation that you can practice is visualization try this one. I use to help someone I know get through their anxiety attacks by speaking them through a visualization. Back then I had no knowledge of what I was doing , it just came to me naturally to lead them thru a vision that would calm me, a place I would like to visit. Funny how 20 something years later this is what I love to do 🙂 .


I hope this gives you some good resources  to learn to meditate  and different methods to try. Once you find a method you enjoy you will be well on your way to the benefits of meditation and making your world stop spinning.

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