Join the Challenge: Quick Inner Peace in an easy 10 minute Practice  

Hundreds of People have taken the challenge and 

January 8th, 2018 we start a live version of the 5 day challenge.

‚ÄčIs it really possible for you to become confident in playing the overwhelming game of life?  

What would it be like for you to be rewarded with Inner Peace after practicing a process for 10 minutes a day?? 


Discover the simple practices that will

Make Peace your Inner Place

From this 5-day Inner Peace Challenge, you'll...

  • Gain more confidence in handling what life throws at you
  • You'll learn how to find peace in every moment
  • Get back in touch with your dreams
  • Connect with your ability to be present and mindful (and have a little fun!)
  • Train your Inner Voice to be more supportive

Charlene Anestis

Transformational Healing Coach, Reiki Master, and Essential Oils Enthusiast.


I'm Charlene Anestis, I empower Sensitive Souls to embrace their sensitivity, quiet their inner-critic and focus on self-love . I'm serious about spreading inspirational and uplifting messages through social media and I believe everyone has the ability to feel empowered and live a life that they love, despite the struggles they often face.  The real difficulty is putting consistent steps into a daily practice so you can create meaningful (and lasting) change.

I overcame Depression and Anxiety in 2009 after a lifetime of unhappiness and discovered a jewel pile full of healing methods, tips and strategies that helped me gain confidence and joy in life. I'm excited to share what I discovered with you and look forward to hearing how the 5 day challenge improves your life.

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