June Practice Guide: Revelations about Relationships

Focus of the Month: Revelations and Relationships

This month we are called to look deeply into our relationships with others. Explore with gratitude what is going well and what we can improve.

Is there a particular relationship you would like to deepen? Is there a friendship that isn't serving you that you should consider releasing?

When we explore these questions it is important to remember how these relationships began and consider how they have served us before moving further. Take some time to jot down the pros and cons, the good memories and the bad to help us know whether the relationship has had its moment in time or if it is a life long bond.

Energy Technique

Settle into a comfortable chair. Take 5 deep breaths in pulling your breath all the way down so that your belly expands.

Begin to imagine breathing into your heart space and expanding the energy within radiating it out.

Picture a relationship you want to deepen. Connect with the essence of the person and how you feel about them.

Ask yourself to see ways to improve, deepen and replenish the bond within and action to strengthen your connection to the person.

Journal your thoughts and write down 5 actions you can do to strengthen the relationship.

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High Vibe Living Session

How about we go on a journey together, you and me?

You want to experience feeling good on the regular, but life often has you feeling drained and unhappy. On top of that, there is a huge resistance inside of you keeping you from choosing the things that you really want.

Making changes on your own never seems to last very long. Your attempts at positive thinking vanish the moment someone else complains and pulls you down on their sinking ship.

Gaining emotional resilience by fine-tuning and strengthening your internal energy can offer

true value in creating a High Vibe Life.

Choosing to exist at a higher level than what you have been operating on is the key.

Come learn how to gain control when overwhelm strikes, skyrocket your energy, feel confident in your life again.

These sessions will help you:

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  • Infuse you with the energy that you so desperately need.
  • Straighten out that backbone and create some meaningful boundaries for the people who constantly use you as a doormat.
  • Give you 5 ways to live courageously and finally get what you want.

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This month is the Solar Plexus Chakra Wear more yellow.

Gems and Stones: Citrine and Rose Quartz . 

Check out my friend Marissa's Citrine   and Rose Quartz  items on Etsy.​

Essential Oil: Forgiveness, Stress Away.

Forgiveness oil can help release past grievances when used in combination with forgiveness exercises it has a light floral scent with a lemon finish.

Stress Away can reduce anxiety when you have difficult conversations and want to feel more calm. It has a distinct powerful and pleasant scent.​

If you are local email me to see if I have the oils in stock or order here and have essential oils directly shipped to your home.  

Yoga for Connection

Developing confidence and Self-Esteem helps us to feel good within all of our relationships. Simple yoga practices help to open our Solar Plexus energy center so that we may connect with others freely.

Yoga Poses

Energy Card of the Month:

Sandra Anne Taylor Energy Oracle Cards.

Second Chakra Archangel Ariel Reversed:

The energy card this month is reversed Second Chakra Archangel Ariel. 

I always am surprised each month as I write these posts,  I pull the card last and it also is a continuation of the message above.

The message this card conveys is getting in tune with th​e transformation of your relationships. There is a  warm loving vibe that is available to you yet you are afraid to be vulnerable.

If have a partner you could be struggling with intimacy and need to clear something from the past as you have become unable to risk being ​exposed to more hurt.

If you are single you may want to work on extending a hand and finding forgiveness in a friendship.

In both cases there are creative solutions available that are being blocked, you must go inward and tune into what it is you most wish for the future.​

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Wishing you a Joy-filled day!




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