How to Use Your Inner-Critic on Your Next Project

How-to-use-inner-critic How to Use Your Inner-Critic on Your Next Project

Admit it, you failed again.

You dug in and did the dirty work and really went to town.

Collapsing into bed at the end of the day exhausted from all your efforts.

As you’re about to fall asleep it occurs to you. You could have done better, in fact you should have!

And then it bellows louder “why didn’t you just….

Your mind races with all the different choices you could have made for things to turn out different. No matter what your effort you still feel like you didn’t get it right. Now you can’t even sleep.

You feel like you got a big fat F on your class project and now you can’t move on to the advanced class.

But wait a minute.

When is GOOD going to be good enough. Why are you even questioning your results?

You put in your time and energy to get the job done.

So why do you suddenly feel defeated?

Ahhh, perhaps it’s not really you.

Who’s Voice is That Anyway?

Maybe it is that little villain in your head, the one who is always telling you that you got it wrong.

The internal voice who points out all of your faults. It is the hard to please teacher who always gives you a C- no matter how good you think your paper is.

It leaves you always striving to be better and never feeling good enough. You believe you will never measure up. The voice constantly reminds you of your failures.

Well, isn’t it time you question if you really should be listening to “the voice”?

That little villain has been overseeing class all these years and you’ve been trying to be the teachers pet to with no reward.

If you are a sensitive soul you inner-critics voice can damage your self-esteem, encourage procrastination and leave you physically drained.

When are you going to start grading your own paper based on how you feel about your efforts?

Isn’t it time to stand up for yourself and let the voice become silent so you may learn to accept yourself with all of your goodness AND your limitations.

Better yet, why not befriend the voice as the teacher that it is and ask it for guidance? Allow it to gently lead you to the solutions during the process instead of waiting for it to grade your paper harshly.

We Are All Just Students 

The inner-critic is within us all. Sometimes it can protect us before we make mistakes and can be used to our advantage if we are open enough to have a conversation with it during the process.

What most people don’t realize is there is no right way to reach the end result of whatever you are putting your energy into, but there are hundreds of possibilities.

You make choices based on the information available to you and sometimes you rush in without a plan. This is when the teacher gets full rein and gives harsh feedback, after all no paper should be written without an outline.

The next time you have a project, allow your awareness of the voice to rise, let it guide you through the process.

It doesn’t matter if the project is for work, the PTO or your home.

Here are some tips to follow to learn from your inner teacher and enjoy the process. Let your past experience lead the way, allow the previous feedback your critic has given, which has stung a bit to show you what may work well.

Be open to the possibilities that are available.

Creative Flow and the inner-critics grading system

Whenever you start a project their is always a swirl of ideas that come to mind. Give yourself the time and space to allow your creative juices to flow. Let your unlimited possibilities flow and do not edit as your ideas bubble to the surface.

Assess your list and keep the end result in mind for each. Allow the teacher to freely comment for each idea. Break it down in an easy format.

  • Ideas that will work well, possible B.
  • A+ worthy ideas.
  • Won’t impress the teacher even on a good day.

Planning and Preparation with the inner-critic as your guide

Once you have your ideas sorted choose your best outcome.

Which A+ idea came out of your Creative Flow?

Will it be easy to implement and give you the end result you seek?

Will a B idea work just as well and be easier to accomplish?

Which one do you feel most comfortable choosing?

When you have narrowed it down to your best choice, gather all the tools and a plan. Think through every step of the project. Look for loopholes the teacher may point out that you missed.

  • Think through the project from start to finish.
  • Research your most promising ideas to see if they have potential.
  • Gather the tools that you need.
  • Brainstorm obstacles and missteps that can happen and have some resources in mind in case you run into trouble.

Action without Reaction

Now it’s time to be the badass that you were born to be. You have allowed the teacher to guide the way, however, A teacher is not a helicopter and will not hover over your every move. You are the only one that knows how you best learn and work at your full potential.

Take action with your best skills at hand. Be prepared for mistakes along the way. Let your teacher guide you back on track if you lose momentum. If you become frustrated continue taking action with the mindset that it will all work out.

Remember there is a learning curve with every project and reacting to difficulty will not move you forward. Some things to keep in mind.

  • Know your strengths and use them to your advantage.
  • Mess up? Do not waste time giving into the voice, course correct and move on.
  • Recheck your work and evaluate were you might improve in the next step of your plan.

Polish and Pizazz

You’ve come to the point that the teacher has guided you through the   twists and turns of your project. You’ve made some course corrections and become in-tune to the voice as a support. It is time to evaluate your efforts, let the teacher point out the quality work that you’ve accomplished.

What finishing touches could you add?

Where does the teacher agree that you did well?

What could you put a little more polish on?

  • Once you see the highlights of the project, where can you add some shine that will give value to the end result.
  • Make note of the good work that you’ve done and replicate it when you tie up any loose ends.
  • Be ready to celebrate all of your effort and results.

It’s Time for your Presentation

You have a lot to celebrate! This time you have chosen to involve your Inner-Critic in the process, it gives you the advantage of ultimately sharing the responsibility for the finished product. The teacher has guided you and is just as responsible for the outcome and your grade as you are!

This has the benefit of lifting that burdensome weight off of your solitary shoulders. There will be no rant about your failures. You have thought, planned and executed your project with the voice that often waits till the end to give you harsh feedback.

Celebrate the gift of allowing your inner-critic to support and guide you. It has taken an enormous amount of humility to accept feedback throughout your project without getting trapped in the feelings of failure, self-doubt and unseen consequences.

You stayed present and mindful of the teachers lessons.

The presentation of your project is but a small part of the journey.

Accept the outcome with gratitude for the experience and be proud of your effort.

You Are the Teacher You Seek

It’s not easy to get cozy with your inner-critic . After all we just want to feel good about our choices and negate the self doubt, mistakes and consequences.

Use that inner-critic as a valiant teacher instead of a villainous tormentor.

Too often we make our choices and there are hundreds of possibilities we do not consider. The inner-critics voice often points out the possibilities that we have missed.

Are you wondering why you miss so many possibilities?

Often it is born out of the internal drive to avoid change.

Seeing from a new perspective and being open to new behaviors is not for the students of lite living.

But those of us who seek a deeper experience know that being flexible and aware leads to a more fulfilled purpose.

In any project or life action, you can chose to involve your inner-critics voice and be your own teacher.

Be proud of your accomplishments and your past failures. They are what led you to where you stand today.

Tomorrow is a new experience based on yesterday’s lesson.

Life is an ongoing college for your soul’s development.

Every project and life action is one step closer to the next advanced course and there is no race to the podium for graduation.

You have the ability to shine your strengths and develop your limitations in every experience.

Shower your self with self-love and use that voice as a guide to be the best student you can be.

Your best work awaits when you allow the teacher inside of you to lead.

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