How to Turn on Positivity with a Feel Good List

The Feel Good List

There has to be a reason.

A really good reason to move past the funk that you’re in.

When all the logic in the world hasn’t pulled you out of it.

Where you are in desperate need of a solution, yet nothing seems to be workable from the emotional state you are in and it is making you feel like your situation is impossible.

I know , I’ve been there over and over again too.

This last time the clouds were constant despite my inner glow and wish for the law of attraction to take the reins and prove to me that all my wishing would just materialize.

But I kept at it and soon the secret was revealed.

I did a full moon release ceremony and let go of my fears, I gave forgiveness and wrote my wishes.

My lists were long and vaguely detailed.

As I wrote I got lighter.

A little more hopeful.

I was filled with passion for what I wanted to create in my life.

Less intense negative thoughts started to slowly change over to a feel good list.

The momentum of my feel good list built up inside of me.

Then the shift happened where I knew that everything I wrote would come true and I also realized that every feel bad thought had the power to materialize too.

So I carefully started to watch my thoughts.

To keep letting go of the impossibilities and open the door to the possibility of feeling good anyway.

Good Regardless of Outcomes

YES, good regardless of what happened and didn’t happen.

I chose Good while making my peace with those that did not wish me well.

I chose Good while doing drudgery work like cleaning the bathroom.

I chose Good while wondering where I would get the money to pay the bills.

It gave me strength and courage to speak up for what I wanted in my life.

It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and tell my truth to people just so that I was heard and no longer hurting.

It helped me stand my ground against some powerfully negative thoughts that had been keeping me prisoner for far too long.

The feel good list was simple yet it helped me uncover what was truly holding me down in that funk for so long.

And now I know freedom and that no matter what nothing can touch me.

Because I can just make another feel good list if I want.

And life will happen, but it is up to me to decide if I feel good or not.

So when your in a funk and logic isn’t working and you need a solution, Let go of your fears, forgive yourself and those who have controlled or hurt you, and write your wishes.

Big Wishes.

Seemingly impossible wishes and choose to feel good anyway.

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