How to Embrace A Dream Life with Stef Ventura

 “You have to be willing to allow the person you are today to die so that you can give birth to the person you are meant to become.”  Les Brown

Let me guess, you have a dream that you haven’t reached yet.

Something has held you back.

Somehow you’ve lost faith that you have the ability to obtain your dream because you can’t afford it, you don’t have the skills, or some powerful curse is holding your dream hostage.

Some time may have passed and the dream feels distant.

It feels a little fuzzy and you wonder if it would be worth it anyways.

It can be daunting to go after what you want when you think there is no possibility in hell you’ll ever achieve it.

It can be easier just to stuff it into the back of your mind closet and let it collect dust.

Meanwhile, life is bland and tasteless.

It’s missing richness and passion.

There is a quiet dull ache of desperation deep inside your core that is not even perceptible.

You may not recognize how your dream is an authentic part of how you can embrace your life.

But, without the dream being realized you feel diminished and your not sure why.

It was that way for Stef Ventura, she thought her dreams weren’t possible and as her story unfolds it reveals that any challenge or limiting belief can become the foundation for creating the divine life of your dreams.

From Helpless to Divine Creatrix

Stef grew up in an abusive home and was a US illegal immigrant, She had a dream of attending university and being successful. Yet, she was filled with fear of being deported and missing the opportunity to attend university. She had a lack of self-worth due to her childhood.

She felt her dreams may never come true.

She was deported at the age of 20 to her native Peru. She had no knowledge of her native country and was starting from zero.

She also had no higher education, which made it difficult for her to make enough money to live.

Stef needed to earn a living and took a job at a casino where the uniform and job made her uncomfortable. She quit quickly, she didn’t want to be there.

In Peru people who are uneducated work 6 days a week, 12 hour days for around $300 a month and it is not enough to live unless you live in the ghetto. Even highly educated people earn on average $500 a month.

By divine intervention, Stef was called for an interview she had forgotten she had applied for to teach English to business professionals at a local business.

Although intimidated to teach professionals twice her age, she excelled and over time took on private lessons earning enough to support herself.

Stranded on an Island

Three years after her move to Peru there was little communication between Stef and her family. They had been going through their own difficulties which Stef was unaware of at the time.

She had gone through a breakup that left her feeling betrayed. She was alone and tried to mask all her pain.

One day everything started to break down, her TV broke, her laptop stopped working. She had just started to get back on her feet financially and felt like she couldn’t catch a break.

Sometimes it is the little things that cause the upheaval when we mask what is going on inside.

All the feelings she had been hiding erupted.

She felt stranded on an island.

She felt like she was done and wanted to quit. She was suicidal.

Remembering A week earlier she had accidently picked up a book about a girl who had committed suicide, leaving her family without answers Stef felt guilty and called her mother to let her know she didn’t want to live and all the reasons why.

She felt alone and ready to go ahead with her plan after tying up some loose ends.

She had plans to have lunch with a friend and decided to go, she didn’t want to let him down. She mentally planned it as her last meal.

At lunch, she was overwhelmed with the emotion of all that had been boiling up inside and shared her feelings. She let out all the shame and self-doubt created by the abusive childhood she had lived through and her plight as a US illegal immigrant.

Stef’s friend told his own powerful story of pain and how he had turned it around. It was a tearful lunch and Stef understood she could no longer cling on to the negativity.

It was time to let life work out and trust that it will happen.

Sometimes Miracles come out of the darkness.

She had never imagined being deported to her native country would give her opportunities that could fulfill her dreams.

Through time Stef worked at healing her past, transforming her negative beliefs and pursued education that would allow her to serve others.

Now a solopreneur in charge of her own destiny. She has learned to quickly convert her doubts and insecurities and move forward.

Stef started a youtube channel helping people learn about Peru, which helped her get to know her country. She has turned the negative impact of being deported into a positive adventure. Her youtube channel has helped people worldwide learn about her country.

Dream Life Discoveries

On her journey, she discovered she was empathic with healing abilities and is learning to work with her gifts.

Using faith that she is divinely guided has made her become a better coach, healer and given her the opportunity to embrace loving herself.

She uses her coaching and healing abilities to empower women who come from dysfunctional families or abusive homes.

Here are some of the things that helped Stef get through that may help you create your dream life.

  1. Tap into your heart centered energy. Your heart will always guide you. Allow it to lead. You are in control of your own destiny, choose the one you want.
  2. Drop your big bag of burden and pressure from society, your family and your own standards. Release your insecurities and doubts about what is possible.
  3. Know what you don’t want and go in the opposite direction.

It’s time to Embrace your Dream

Stef’s story is a great example of embracing a dream life against all odds. She has shown that if you choose to go through the darker moments of life you can open up a whole world you couldn’t have imagined.

The power is in your hands to believe that your dream is possible.

What is your dream that you haven’t let materialize?

Follow your heart and walk through your fears and self-doubt.

Start walking towards what you want.

Set a strong intention and make a plan.

Watch for the signs of support that are around you.

Who is offering help?

What brilliant idea has been lying quietly in your heart ignored.

Isn’t it time to free it.

Let it burst through and add joy to your life.

Watch for the signs of support that are around you. Who is stepping up to help?

What brilliant idea are you shelving due to self-doubt?

Reach into your core and let that dream become part of your life.

Go after it…


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Love and Peace,

Charlene Anestis

Want to know more about Stef?

Stef Ventura is a mindset and transformational coach and teacher of female empowerment that overcame child abuse and a series of other events which led her to want to take her own life. Today, she helps women begin healing from their past and negative beliefs so that they can begin creating more love, abundance, fulfillment and prosperity in their lives.

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