How Ignoring Your Intuition Leads To Disaster


It’s that quiet feeling inside, the whisper of a thought, knowing that something is not quite right. That you should not attend an event, or have a particular conversation. You feel it, hear it, know it yet you write it off as ridiculous.

The logical mind takes over and tells you something else, usually supporting your original purpose of making money, arriving at a commitment or pursuing a relationship that seems like it may be fabulous. You brush off the feeling, knowing or thought and move forward while ignoring that feeling in the pit of your stomach telling yourself that you just have an active imagination and every thing will work out as planned.

Sometimes the universe does everything it can to block your path yet you side step all the obstacles anyway to fulfill the logical purpose. The end result is usually a disaster. Disaster is a little melodramatic I know, there are differing degrees of disaster.

Saving you from true disasters

A natural disaster is the least experienced when you do not follow your intuition. We have all heard stories of people who canceled their vacation and missed a tsunami, I personally know someone who followed their intuition and did not get on a plane which crashed. The most experienced form of disaster is the devastation of someone’s feelings.

When you pursue the logical purpose and ignore your intuition you are usually walking into a situation that can not be changed. A situation that you should not have become involved. A situation meant for someone else to experience and deal with. It can be a well-paying job you are suited for yet the work environment is too hostile to your delicate emotions.

A relationship that you later find is not a good match and turns out to be a mistake that puts you on a long road of mending a broken heart. A period of your life you make no progress in your self-development whittling away your time and energy.

Intuition is your internal alarm system

Intuition is your internal protection system, your personal alarm system that activates when you’re about to enter dangerous territory. The world has become busy and adults have learned to follow their logical thoughts, it is ingrained in us to follow the proven path of others. We are all born with intuition, It is a guide system that is meant to steer you away from danger.

Your intuition scans the energy surrounding you and checks for lower frequencies. When your intuition feels these lower frequency’s you notice physical signals that warn you to be aware that something is off. It may be emotions in a room that you enter where an argument has just taken place or secrets have been revealed. The energy of a home that something tragic has happened in the past or a workplace that holds the negative emotions of unhappy employees.

We are deprogrammed to listen.

We are taught at a young age to pay attention to what others do and follow their lead. We learn to ignore the voice, thought or the knowledge we get as something that is made up. This is when we step off the path of good fortune our intuition provides heading towards a lifetime of missteps.

We shift into the logical mind where it is difficult to pay attention to the signs losing touch with the feelings, voice or physical sensations of our intuition. The logical mind seeks direction from the path we have witnessed others taking.

These paths often look wonderful as many have been successful on them. However, they may not fill your own true purpose and often lead you to unhappiness. Acting out on that unhappiness creating your own personal disasters.

If you find you have lost touch with your intuition it is best to become conscious of your activities and thought process. Begin by paying attention to your physical sensations during your decision-making process.

Watch for signs physical signs.

How does your body feel, are you sick, confused or anxious. How have you been sleeping? Once you start to get back in touch with the physical signs look for signs from the universe. The universe is usually pretty blatant and transparent. If you head somewhere and get a flat tire, the wrong date or time consider that the venue or meeting is not right for you. Sometimes it is just a matter of timing as well.

What other opportunities have jumped in front of you? Perhaps you have received an unsolicited email or ran into an acquaintance with whom you have a coincidental conversation. This may be hinting at your next move. Giving you a chance to move away from a situation that could create a disaster in your life.

Develop your intuition

Build upon your intuition slowly.

Learn to look for opportunities that will have a positive impact and find gratitude in how these situations have saved you from disastrous results. Check in regularly noticing how you have become more fortunate.

The more often you look for these positive outcomes the easier it will become to follow your intuition, avoiding disaster finding instead a meaningful twist in your life. Growing your life experience into your hearts deepest desires. What is your intuition telling you today?

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