Embracing Happiness Through Healing Grief with Christine Parma


Your Greatest Fear

The cause of grief.

It can happen in an instant.

A moment that can never be taken back.

You try to turn away from the instant your life changed forever, but there is no escape.

Have you ever had a moment you wish time could change?

Something has rocked your world so violently you just crumble to the ground wishing you could remain secure, safe and happy.

There is no comfort from this pain, a deep-seated grief takes hold of your heart and you know that you will never be the same ambitious go-getter you were a moment ago.

You believe you will never be happy again.

Guilt takes over if you find yourself laughing and you allow the sadness to slowly seep back in.

Grieving for A Sacred Bond

Christine Parma shared her story with me recently about the loss of her 27-year-old sister Missy, who was also her best friend. Christine was 28 when a tragic car accident took Missy’s life.

It was 2002 and their family had a surprise birthday celebration for their mom one weekend in October. Missy and a cousin were headed home when a new driver, supervised by his mother, hydroplaned in the rain, crossed the meridian and they collided head on, Missy and her cousin died instantly.

Christine’s parents called her to come over and she intuitively knew something had happened to Missy. When she arrived and received the news she fainted, blacked out, and her mind entered into a state of rejection that often happens in grief.

Denying the impossible news that someone she loved so dearly was gone. It was like the life had been taken out of her.

The after effects consumed her life for the following three years. She was in a cloud of depression she didn’t recognize and considered as grief. She reached out for support from healers and energy workers and was unable to control her emotions.

 The Deepest Pain Begins to Heal

Christine felt as if she could have protected her sister somehow. She had regrets that she didn’t have a chance to say all the things she wanted to say. Survivors guilt became a presence in her life as it felt wrong to be happy when Missy was gone.

She wallowed in grief and self-punishment. The pain she experienced seemed to keep her connected to her sister.

Christine continued with Reiki, energy work and did some painful digging to help herself heal. One day she came across T. Harv who was holding a Neuro Linguistical Programming (NLP) course in Canada.

In an act of courage, she flew to attend the course in hopes to become “normal” again. It seemed illogical at the time that she would invest in an expensive program for personal development as she was heavily in debt.

The course included deep inner work and it cracked the door for hope. She enrolled in the full course and in time earned a position working with T.Harv Eker which turned out to be her soul’s work.

She healed a little every time she witnessed other people’s transitions from pain to joy, being able to facilitate that for others shifted her energy level higher.

 Inspired Journey to Internal Healing

When she became a mother, the transition was hard, she experienced post-partum depression. But the kids brought laughter and pure joy to the forefront, allowing her to heal her grief.

Some of the biggest takeaway’s Christine discovered where:

  1. Time does heal if you choose to let it.
  2. The soul wants to be happy, allow the nature of being happy to surface.
  3. Find people you resonate with and feel safe expressing your pain and ask for help.
  4. Take away the”should’s” of what your journey should look like, allow yourself to experience things as they are.

Christine has a profound message, she wants you to know, you need to understand your value.

Everyone has a unique light to shine.

Your unique light will be covered by pain, loss, and grief. But from those experiences, new lessons and gifts can enhance what you share with others.

Your hardships in life are great teachers when you draw lessons from them, they help you connect more deeply with the people you are meant to share your experiences with.

 Your Unique Journey Shines Joy

Christine’s story touched my heart in a deep way.

I hope you found some insight that you will carry into your life.

We all suffer deep loss and healing is part of our journey.

It takes consistent small steps to recover and be able to find joy again.

Our experiences build the uniqueness of our soul’s  journey.

Those gut-wrenching moments are what enable the sweet moments to be even more delicious.

If we look within ourselves we can allow a direct path to heal and shine our light into the world.

It is in the light we shine into the world that is our gift.

The very essence of our existence lay in our ability to heal ourselves.

Touch upon those feeling of grief and loss that you hold inside and allow the pain to release, allow joy to grow and then share your experience with another.

Share your unique story with someone today.

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Christine Parma helps busy Mama CEOs build profitable, soul-fulfilling businesses without sacrificing what matters most to them. Christine beautifully marries both practical business strategies and spiritual principles to help her clients build thriving businesses and joyful lives that allow them to do more of what matters most to them.

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Wishing you a peaceful day!

 Charlene Anestis

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