Hate Your Job? How to use your Inner Guidance to choose your next Job


So you slump off to work everyday, collect your paycheck on a  regular basis , and tolerate the environment you live in 40+ hours a week. You may even spend additional hours in your vehicle angry at other drivers as you sit in traffic waiting to toil away your day. Admit it you Hate your Job! You may enjoy some of the people, projects and customers or clientele that you encounter but you are really just staying for the benefits and the ability to pay for groceries and a roof over your head. You have settled and now you feel trapped by your bills, family and employer. You are not alone in this prison of pain and lack of fulfillment and it is not your fault nor your bosses.

Society has created a well oiled machine churning out unhappy employees. Children are coached at a young age to follow in their families footsteps and choose a well paying job that will support their material desires. They are sent off to college not knowing what they are best suited for to complete an education in a field they have no heartfelt desire to excel, does this resonate with you? Well here’s what to do.


Recognize what aspects of your job you dislike. This can be anything regarding the work, ride, coworkers, customers,etc. Make a list of the experiences you no longer wish to deal with on a personal level. Be vigilant do not settle for anything that makes you uncomfortable , anxiety ridden, stressed out,etc. be really honest with yourself and think about why you feel this way. These are most likely the things you complain about to others frequently.

  • Take your list and be very specific on whether it is Personality related (yours) , Task related, or Work environment related. Put simply if you hate dealing with the public this would be Personality related, Can’t stand to fill out endless documents for your government job-task related. Feel controlled every second of the day by your overbearing boss or negative co-workers and lack of promotions-Work environment.  Mark one of these traits next to every aspect of your job that you dislike.
  • What on the list is a direct result of the company you work at?  If the majority of your answers fall under Task and you have acquaintances in your field who perform different tasks and get the same result performance wise you may be in the right field with the wrong company. A different company in your field could approach tasks in a manner that is outside the box. Research companies in your field on Linked In, read there websites thoroughly, if they use innovative practices with their clientele and marketing there is a good chance they approach tasks in a different way as well. You could also look for other ways to use your skills in a different setting. A software programmer can leave a 9-5 position and market their skills to non profit companies gaining a better web presence or in creating apps to raise funds more easily, if they feel a pull to help others. A lawyer who does not enjoy spending the day in courtrooms could apply their skills to any job that requires exceptional communication skills. A cashier at a fast food restaraunt could apply their people skills in the slower pace world of helping the elderly in a nursing home.


  • Try this quick and easy questionaire about Work Life  on the Penn State Authentic happiness website and see what resonates with you.
  • Work Environment related could mean the energy at your company is stagnant or oppressive. You may want to move on to a company where the employees are eager to praise their co-workers and management, compensation packages and advancement. Read the comments and reviews on companies through job websites to get a sense of how they operate. Pay attention when you search for companies in your field to how you feel when you read about them is there a feeling of  excitement and anticipation , Do you picture yourself working there or do you have the urge to close the browser or feel distracted? This indication may seem silly but it is often an indication of whether something is a good fit. Your Inner Guidance often gives subtle hints.
  • How to tap into that inner guidance and find the career you love… If the majority of your dislikes stem from personality related this is an indication your are in the wrong field and may want to consider a career change. If you are in need of a new career it does not have to be as overwhelming as you may think. The first couple of steps can be to fill out this questionaire at the Via Institute on Character. Discover your strengths and preferences.
  • Then take some time to sit and reflect upon your life and answer these questions.



  • What do you think you should be doing?
  • What are some of things you do exceeding well at, what are some of the dreams you have had in the past?
  • When have you observed someone doing their job and thought to yourself , “That’s a really cool job?”
  • What was it about their job that appealed to you?
  • If you could get paid what you do today and do anything in the world what would it be?
  • If  today was your last day what would you regret not learning and pursuing?
Your inner guidance is always in alignment with your strengths , dreams and desires. If you pursue your dream job from this place you will work with more joy, be more fulfilled ,get better reviews and cover expenses. Employees who are happy and fulfilled are better workers, more appreciated and worth keeping around.
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