Going to a Place of Light Instead of Darkness

You always have a choice.

It’s not always obvious, It is so easy to stay in the darkness.

Where you’ve become comfortable being uncomfortable. It has become all you know.

It seems as if it would be hard to step into the light , to bathe in goodness and allow the Joy to seep in to every cell of your body. There is that little part of you that knows it could be different, that part of you wants to believe there is something better.

You’ve lived this way for so long surrounded by arguing, neglect and a lack of validation feeling alone.

It would be easier to stay in the darkness.


Michelle’s Story

Today I am helping to share Michelle’s Story, We had a wonderful conversation full of inspiration for anyone who has ever had difficulty believing that there could be a better life out there. Michelle is a lovely, soft spoken mom who just emanates gratefulness. She stepped from the darkness into the light and found her Inner Joy Warrior. She was raised without a concept of god. She remembers feeling alone, scared, with a lack of validation.

Her parents were divorced by the time she was 10 years old, her dad was an addict, who is now clean. There was lots of arguing in her household when she was young and her memories are of her parents not being at peace. She had some guidance from her godmother and Michelle was grateful for this as she felt her mother had some difficulty nurturing her among the chaos.

Michelle was a serious child who did not believe she was smart. She felt suicidal and depressed at 10 years old. There was a quiet voice inside that helped her believe that a better life was possible.

She eventually went to college, yet there was a dark cloud overhead and again she felt suicidal. She checked into a hospital one night and was diagnosed with depression. She remained on medication for the 6 years that followed. In her own words she became a “fanatical Christian” and started paying attention to spiritual teachers. It helped her build a solid foundation for eventually getting off her medication and overcoming depression.

The Secret

After the birth of her first son, she read the book The Secret and it opened up her life. She now lives a life where she expresses her sense of humor. Her poverty mentality has evaporated, and she came to the realization it is OK to have money and material possessions. Leading her to embrace her talents working with children and earning money doing a job she enjoys.

Her time is valuable and is spent doing things that bring Joy. Life is now seen from a loving, gentle , compassionate, appreciative perspective with a deep respect for being patient during changes.

Her strength’s have become an connection to her inner self with a nurturing care for her body. She has connected with her inner child, who is a big cheerleader in her life.

The wisdom gathered from her experience has changed her view of the world. She used to believe that immense suffering was a part of life and there was no heaven on earth.

Michelle’s support system includes: A strong guidance by Jesus and her inner guidance, Grounding exercises, and regular visits to a chiropractor who includes Reiki in her sessions. Her Favorite Prayers are the simple use of “God Help Me” and “Thank You God”

Michelle lives a full life in the USA. She is married and has two young boys. When the time is right she would like to have a third child, buy a home, and Perform dancing or Acting. She wanted to share her story to inspire others who are engulfed in the darkness.

​Step into the Light

You can step into the light.

All it takes is one step and a belief that life can be good.

Michelle wants you to know that you are valuable.

Seek people for your life who are kind.

Kindness, Love and Respect are so healing.

It’s OK to make mistakes.

Connect with your body and nurture yourself.

Know that there is someone out there that has or is in a similar situation.

You are never alone.

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Charlene Anestis

Charlene Anestis, is a Empowerment Coach for Healers, Coaches and Empaths who want to use their energetic power to uplevel their life and business. The mission of this blog is to empower healer, coaches and empaths to embrace their life in a way that creates massive impact on the world without sacrificing their energy. She has previously been featured on the blog Tiny Buddha.