Finding your purpose from a higher perspective

Finding your purpose from a higher perspective sounds all woo right?

Consider where you are in your life at this moment.

Are you exactly where you dreamed as your younger self?

Is it more fulfilling than you’d imagined or have you lost touch with those dreams and given in to the grind?

When children are young we frequently question them as to what they’d like to be when they grow up. They often have a quick easy answer, leaving us to wonder why they chose that profession.

When asked, they know why they want to be a fireman, “They may answer because firemen rescue people”.

Children hold inner knowledge that adults often lose touch with as they are influenced by others.

They see the hero in themselves easily.

A child instinctively has no fear of what they are capable of succeeding at and more importantly what interests them about a profession.

Although unable to verbalize it specifically, they may know being a fireman is a perfect job for them because it would access their compassion, ability to negotiate fear, and how important it would be to rescue another.

They have not been clouded by self-doubt, fear, and the worry of the what if’s. As adults, we often lose our ability to see these things in ourselves. As a child gets older they lose touch with this valuable view of themselves.

By adulthood, we have learned to make our major decisions based on what the benefits will be. Are we going to earn enough money? Follow in our parents’ footsteps?

Make grandma proud?

We go about gathering all the material things that tell us we are worthy and assure us that we will fit in.

When we follow these guidelines and values we lose our ability to stay true to ourselves. Rejecting our own strengths and interests, our inner passions get dampened, and we are unable to make a difference in the world that is meaningful to our soul.

We give up on our purpose in life.

Did you leave a dream in the sandbox of life, abandon it to become a distance memory?

We leave these dreams when we decide we can not accomplish them and suddenly we find the days blend together, indistinct from one another.

We are going through the motions of life feeling unfulfilled. Everything may look perfect to others and many boxes on our bucket list have been checked yet we know a dissatisfaction rests deep inside our being.


Until we face this reality and decide to change we will forever ride the turnstile of life.

It usually takes a life-changing event for us to begin examining where we have lost touch with our own heart.

We’ve ignored our inner guidance, gut instincts and knowledge of our strengths. Discovering we have lost our motivation to finding our purpose in order to make a life.

It takes viewing ourselves from a higher perspective to rebuild our life from a place of great strength and self-knowledge. It is from this perspective we can see where we took a lesser path.

Recognizing where we could have made a better choice or performed more efficiently in our life. We must let go of all that we have internalized from our experiences that have taken us out of alignment with our inner passion and truth.

Finding your purpose from a higher perspective becomes the foundation on which to rebuild, enlightens us to where we find joy and how we determine a way to make a difference in the world.

It is from this place we can start to create a meaningful existence.

To once again get in touch with the inner hero we knew as a child who could see all the possibilities in ourselves without any of the obstacles. Reaching our highest potential is our true purpose in life , We are the only ones who can trail-blaze the path and embrace our true calling.

We must often go back to our beginnings to discover this, retrace the areas we stepped off our path and gather up the pieces of ourselves we have lost.

Then we gain the desire to exceed all our limitations. start making choices that are in alignment with who we are at our core, reaping the benefits of living our truth. The higher perspective is the place we call home and is where our life purpose forever burns brightly.

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About the author

Charlene Anestis

Charlene Anestis, is a Empowerment Coach for Healers, Coaches and Empaths who want to use their energetic power to uplevel their life and business. The mission of this blog is to empower healer, coaches and empaths to embrace their life in a way that creates massive impact on the world without sacrificing their energy. She has previously been featured on the blog Tiny Buddha.