6 Steps to Move Forward When Life Becomes Difficult

Most of the time life hums along with small challenges and bumps in the road.

You go about your business enjoying your family, work, and leisure time without any mishaps or disappointment.

Life is Idyllic and working out just the way you planned.

Your heart is filled with joy and gratitude for all that you’ve experienced.

Until one day life becomes difficult.

There is one challenge after another until you are full of fear, worry , toxic thoughts, grief and mental chaos.

You enter a circular pattern of loss or disappointment and it becomes hard to see the lighter side of life again.

It is difficult to even get through the day.

Have you ever been there?

Your looking direction and afraid to ask for help.

Thinking you can handle it, your strong.

Wondering when it will end, all the while worried what will happen next to put you in an emotional spin.

It is hard to find joy at these times. Sometimes the grief and pain turn your days dark and it feels like it will never be sunny again.

Here are some steps to gain momentum when your life becomes difficult by embracing personal and emotional balance , clarity, intuition, healing and vision.

Treating your Temple

The first step is to assess your personal care. How you are treating yourself. Are you caring for yourself as you would a young child?

Are you eating a healthy diet on a normal schedule, sleeping well and taking exceptional care of your hygiene?

These are the easiest steps to put back into place. Your temple is the only place you have to live! It is crucial when you are struggling to take the extra time to stick to your personal care routine. When your body is functioning well and you feel well cared for it can make a big difference in your perspective.

Try an Epsom salt bath or Epsom foot soak to help detox your body and your emotions. It will replenish the Magnesium in your body, 80 % of Americans are deficient of Magnesium.

Emotional Balance

 Emotional balance is easier to accomplish than you think. You consciously acknowledge your feelings. Let the feelings come up, recognize them, label them and be Neutral.

Acknowledging that you are angry , sad, fearful, etc. gives you a chance to see how you are affected by a situation. Remain neutral and question how the feeling is serving you . Is it a healthy reaction to the situation?

Are you latching on to a feeling in hope of avoiding moving through the situation?

Say Angie’s boyfriend has cheated on her. She finds out and is overwhelmed with emotion. Anger, sadness, grief, these are all legitimate reactions to the situation.

Yet if Angie were to hold onto anger to avoid forgiving him it prevents her from assessing what was not working in the relationship or the particular traits of the boyfriend. If she acknowledges her anger, assesses the relationship and boyfriend she may see that they weren’t a good match  and forgiving him would allow her to either work on the parts of the relationship that were not working or move on knowing what traits in a person she does not want in her next relationship.


Gaining clarity in situations is a major obstacle for people who do not reach out for help in difficult times. In my coaching of clients I have found that people get stuck, sometimes for long periods of time, when they do not share their situation with someone.

Clarity comes when you explore a situation with someone you trust, and let me be very clear here, without them giving you advice. To gain clarity you need to be heard and your thoughts need to be reflected back to you in a neutral way.

When I reflect my clients thoughts back to them often it is the first time that they hear what they actually think. This is the time when they get that AHA moment and realize what needs to change to improve their situation. Clarity is always the insight into the solutions to their challenge.


I can’t express how important it is to follow your gut when life is difficult. As a society we have become so dependent on following the path of others. We no longer stand in our own power and tap into our inner guidance. We get advice and follow protocol whether or not it makes sense in our own situation. We just assume it is the path to take.

The right solution for you is always going to be found internally. Even if you do not realize it at first you know where to go  and what to do. Do not ignore those quiet promptings pushing you forward. Follow them. See where they lead. Over step those boundaries. You will be thankful you did.


To be able to get your grounding and move forward you must heal. Healing releases the energy that is keeping you stuck in a situation.

You can gain clarity and use your intuition, but if you aren’t healing you will not take any movement, never mind gain momentum.

Healing allows your wounds to close and not scar. Equate it to putting one of those fancy creams on your cut. It prevents infection. Infection of your heart. Wounds of the heart will always be there keeping us from love. It prevents the scar tissue from forming that will get caught up every time we have a similar experience.

The lesson to be learned when life gets difficult is to be able to go through a similar experience in the future without getting pulled into the drama  of it . Instead we use the wisdom we’ve gathered in the past to experience a different outcome that shows our personal growth.


If you can’t see the bright sunny skies that await you they never will appear. The clouds will never move, the sky will always be ominous. This is your opportunity to find Joy!

We have the ability to create whatever we want in life. What do you want! Create a movie in your mind. I have a friend who is very good at visualizing what she wants. It is crazy the amount of things she has manifested in her life, some of them instantly. Be careful not to fill your thoughts with negativity or worry. When life becomes difficult you do not have to get stuck in the muck. Create the vision that you would like to see, believe in the possibilities and then watch for the signs that the universe is providing your with hints that all that you desire is on it’s way.

Follow these steps and you will be able to gain momentum anytime life becomes difficult.

You will gain stability and understand how to handle any situation.

Life is not always easy, yet living with grace and balance is always possible.

Start practicing these steps now and you will find yourself more resilient and stronger than ever.

You have a deep well within you in which to draw.
Joy in difficult times is always available if you choose.

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Charlene Anestis

Charlene Anestis, is a Empowerment Coach for Healers, Coaches and Empaths who want to use their energetic power to uplevel their life and business. The mission of this blog is to empower healer, coaches and empaths to embrace their life in a way that creates massive impact on the world without sacrificing their energy. She has previously been featured on the blog Tiny Buddha.