4 Energy Worker Secrets for the Empath who Feels Powerless

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Charlene Anestis

Charlene Anestis, is a Transformational Healing Coach who empowers sensitive souls who have awakened and decided they want inner-peace and self-love while rocking a thriving life. She believes we all have the ability to reach our highest potential and she has found that once you start to master inner-peace and self-love it is a joy to shine your brilliant light into the world. The blog Embracing Life Now is her playground where she shares the tools that she has practiced personally for over 10 years and with clients as a coach and healer. She has previously been featured on the blog Tiny Buddha.

  • I really enjoyed reading this article! I felt a lot of different energies today. This helps me understand them a little better. I was full of anxiety driving to an interview. Not really the interview part, the driving part. I feel terrified before getting in the car. Once I get going I am fine. When I got to the interview, I couldn’t stop smiling. I really do like the place. On my way home I saw a recent crush (who had turned me down but I still care for him a lot) My mood instantly lifted even more. My heart felt warm and at peace.

  • Hi Rebecca,
    Glad you enjoyed the article and it was helpful for you. Those exercises in the article can definately help you when anxiety rises so keep them in mind. Have a wonderful day!

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