December Practice Guide: Insecurity and Being Powerful


 Focus of the Month: Insecurity and Being Powerful

You want to be powerful and this month is all about you believing how powerful you really are. You see,  it is all there within you and you just need to call it out. Let yourself shed the protective armor you have been shielding yourself with and let the sun touch your skin. When insecurity strikes and you shy away from the limelight you diminish your power and your own internal light flickers.

Own it! You are just as worthy as the one in front of you to shine. Light the world with who you are, stomp out your insecurities and fears, they are trying to keep you small. Live big, Shine Bright and do not fear to show who you are this month, for you are brilliant and very much needed in the world.

Powerful Energy Technique:

To own your power and win over your insecurities you must shut down your thoughts and build your power within your power centers and this month that is the Sacral Chakra. It is the place where sexuality and creativity lives,  see the photo below.  This is the chakra that is active when you are attracted to someone, creating for work or play and it also needs to be active when attracting & making money.

Your inner-critic will bolster up your insecurities about whatever you are dealing with and breathing exercises are always the fastest way to quiet it. So find a comfortable spot sitting or standing and breathe deeply into the sacral chakra area imagine a small circle of orange light, it may look cloudy or dingy, as you breathe in imagine the orange color growing brighter and clearer do this until you imagine it clear and glowing strongly.

When you go about your day feel the power of the Sacral center and use that sexual and creative energy in all that you do. Email me if you notice any differences!

 This month is the: Sacral Chakra 


Gems and Stones:  Orange Agate and Sunstone

Check out my friend Marisa’s Orange Agate Hearts and Sunstone bracelet  on Etsy.

Essential Oil: Valor II  and/or  Believe.

Valor Oil:  helps self-correct the bodies balance and alignment and resets the bodies electrical system. It amps up your energy and it is a mixture of oils similar to what the ancient warriors would soak in before going to battle. Use it to instill courage, confidence and when building self-esteem. Feel powerful when this scent is used as a light perfume it emits a calming effect and can be applied to the bottom of the feet in the morning and placed on the pulse points.

Believe: Opens you to your unlimited potential assisting in restoring feelings of hope towards fully embracing your health, happiness, and vitality. The scent is sharp and powerful, it is best used as a deep inhale when setting our goals and intentions.

If you are local email me to see if I have the oils in stock or if you want a sampler meeting where you can test different oils. If you are in the USA I can mail you a scent sampler in an envelope. Know what you want? Order and have essential oils directly shipped to your home.  

Power Stances

What does your body language say about you and how does it influence your life? Power posing sounds ridiculous but can really help you breathe into that place of power within, sure you may feel funny posing like Wonderwoman but watch this TEDx talk by Amy Cuddy about how body language can impact your success and confidence or lower it. Grow your power, lower your cortisol and become more assertive and confident. Watch this Power Poses video -2o minutes

Energy Card of the Month 





















Sandra Anne Taylor Energy Oracle Cards.

Magician and the Mirror

You have everything you need but somehow when you assess yourself, you do not see all of your fine qualities. Instead, you continue to juggle and try to make yourself appear better. The time is now to step back and go within, find your strengths and bring them forth into the world. Work from your place of strength in every situation. You can appear to the world in any way you see fit, but in doing so you step away from your true inner strength and values to portray false ones you wish to show others. In doing so you damage your own integrity and spirit. Be kind and know who you are and your own value. Your perfection is already there, don’t you see it?   Do you love this post? Know someone who would enjoy it? Sharing is caring, please pass it on.

Wishing you a Joy-filled day!  Charlene

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