Quiz: Love perhaps? Which Crystal Energy are you Radiating?

Your friends, family and even strangers radiate their own distinct signature of energy. Crystal energy is constantly being radiated as well.

Crystals may look like typical boring rocks to some.  But to those who are intrigued by the world of metaphysics, they know that every crystal has its own energy.

Healers and spiritual seekers use crystals in healings, grids, and meditation to amplify their intentions. Empaths with the gift of sensitivity can feel the energy of a crystal and know whether or not it is a good match for the intention they hold.

What kind of crystal energy would you use

It is important to know what kind of energy a crystal is radiating. If you were to use a crystal radiating an energy that is grounding it would not help you to astral travel or get in touch with your higher self.

For example, using Hematite would keep your energy feeling dense and rooted to the earth, it would keep your mind in the practical and logical space of meditation. But if you were to use a dreamy, high vibrational selenite you are more likely to drift off into the higher realms for guidance.

Which Energy is right for you

Are you curious how to tell if a crystal is right for you? Go to your local metaphysics store or a gem show. Pick up crystals that first draw your eye, colors, and shapes that grab you when you skim through the various bins.

Pick the crystals up one at a time and close your hand around them, do you have an urge to put it back down or let it linger in the warmth of your hand?

Ask silently what you could use the crystal for and use your own internal senses to let a word rise to your mind. Does it fill a current need in your life?

This practice will give you a way to tune into the energy that a crystal has to share with you as well as let you know what energy you would like to internally start radiating.

To get a preview of what energetic crystal you are radiating now take this quick quiz and share your results in the comments.

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