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“Why Not You”

Christin Biergans

You’ve heard it all before, and may even tell your kids the same.

Go to school, get good grades and a respectable job.

Yet every time you think of it, you die a little inside.

As a child, you dreamed of doing something that ignited your passion and lit you up inside.

Your parents encouraged you to go to school and get a solid job in a stable industry. Generational society instilled in you that creative work is not something you build a career on.

Pretty soon you lost the voice and dreams of that child by trying to be who others wanted you to be.

I interviewed the very lovely, Christin-Isabelle Biergans about her transformation from a young girl of 16 who left home with just a backpack, to being a 32-year-old mom and business owner, living life in her zone of genius with her child by her side.

Christin was raised in Germany and as is often instilled in our youth the limited views that society has about making a living. She left home with low self-worth at 16 to be on her own and escape a negative environment.

She was told she would never accomplish anything.

Her parents cut off contact with her and she found herself at a new school with little adult support. She applied for and attended industrial design school thinking it would be a solid career where she could also fill her desire to help people. She was following the path that she had been raised to believe would give her the life she desired.

Corporate Burnout employee to Mom and Business, Lifestyle and Success Mentor

She worked in a very masculine industry as a creative coach and trainer. She had gotten married to a supportive husband and had a 1 year old child. She found herself working 12-14 hour days. Exhausted and feeling as if her mind and body were out of sync her health began to suffer.

Christin found she was constantly unwell and had gotten to the point of overwhelm. She had a consistent cough, headaches, trouble sleeping and found herself problem solving at night. She struggled with wanting to be a supermom who wanted to afford great things for her family while wanting to overprotect them.

One day while sitting at her desk she suffered hearing loss in her right ear, she started to realize her whole system was disturbed.

Then soon after, while opening the car door she hit herself in the head, creating an imbalance in her that kept her at home for a while. The realization of her burnout set in and she made an appointment with her doctor.

They gave her medication for the flu instead of addressing her corporate burnout and she put off the plan to have a second child.

She didn’t go back to work right away and began to realize she had to change her whole life.

She dug in deeply to figure out what was holding her back and why she got to the point of overwhelm. After deciding not to return to work permanently, she experienced a deep sense of relief along with the benefit of all her symptoms evaporating.

The realization that for her, success meant living with passion while doing what she loved is everything in life.

Success means living with passion while doing what you love.  Christin Biergans

 Freeing herself from the belief that you had to work for a company,  allowed her to follow her dreams and stop holding herself back based on the expectations of others.

This created a path for Christin,  but also a challenge as her good friends didn’t understand. Her colleagues and friends thought her job was great,She didn’t want to look weak so she chose not to share her thoughts and feelings with them. She felt it necessary to let go of some friends from the corporate job she had left, who were eating up her energy and dragging her down.

She felt lonely with no one to talk to about her situation and  motivated to overcome the stigma that women have to sacrifice family time for work while remaining efficient. She worked deeply with the realization that when she betrayed herself life got harder.

Her self-improvement journey led her through books,  meditations and a program called The Divine Living Academy. She found her voice again and an understanding of working with the powerful energy of choosing your words and beliefs.

Her zone of genius is that Energy=Money=Currency=Flow. Money is just a different form of energy and that you can attract money into your life when you live your passion.

christin-biergans-2You can go for all your dreams and there is nothing to hold you back but yourself.

Some of the tips that Christin likes to share with her clients are:

  • Don’t compare yourself or you will become your own competition holding you back.
  • When you are in a bad mood think about your words, be aware of your feelings and where it is you want to go.
  • Flip the very powerful switch that allows you to get there by believing what you want is possible.
  • Ask yourself “Why not you?”,  let go of not yet,  maybe later and not for you.

The end of your suffering and burnout is available.

It takes a certain amount of deep exploration and grit to banish the societal programming that we receive as children and adults.

Yet when you do the rewards are unlimited.

Isn’t it time you stop holding yourself back?​

Are you physically drained and overwhelmed by life? Schedule yourself in for a free 30 minute clarity call to pinpoint what needs to change.

Yes, I’m Ready To Feel Better!

If you are a Entreprenuer and interested  in growing your personal and business success,  Christin is a Holistic Global Business, Lifestyle and Success Coach who works with female entrepreneurs who are eager to build and grow thriving passion and strength based businesses.

It is her life goal to empower as many women as possible to create a lifestyle of freedom, success and love by doing more of what makes them happy. She helps them realize that they actually can have it all (a career, love, kids private life) no matter who they are or where they come from, if they just dare to dream big and take action.

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Charlene Anestis

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