7 Secrets to Choosing Joy over Negativity

choosing-joy-negativity Admit it, sometimes you can’t help it.

You start comparing yourself.

You notice someone who looks happy and well adjusted, they’re smiling at everyone all the time and you realize that the small annoyances that would send you over the edge, barely puts a wrinkle in their joyful glow.

What is their secret?

Did they start out with an unending flow of joy juice rushing through their veins?

That is doubtful, they are human and are faced with the same defeat, disappointment and the occasional bout of sadness you encounter.

Everyone has moments when they don’t receive the outcome they were expecting. When their hopes are dashed by someone with power over their life or they lose something they adore like a job, relationship or personal belongings.

Those are the moments when you are most likely to fall deeply into a pattern of negativity. When you mire in grief and are unable to see clearly the choices that are available.

It is those moments that negativity can take root and you lose hope of ever having a joyful moment. Instead, you worry about what else will come between you and that perfectly tended feeling of joy.

Based on the circumstances, you forget that you can just choosing joy is a choice. It is in your POWERFUL hands, you do create your own reality after all. So the next time you start to trudge down that negative path here are some of the secrets to choosing joy over negativity that other people use.

1. Be Vigilant About your Thoughts

Thoughts pour through your mind quickly sometimes, slow your thoughts down. Become aware when your thoughts are an endless stream of your to-do list peppered with rants of negativity.

Create an awareness of what thoughts are worth keeping. Let go of the ones that are negative to make space for an uplifting thought. Also pay attention to the tone and language of your inner voice. How you speak within yourself matters more than you know when it comes to creating joy.

2. There is No Time Like Now

When you stay in the moment and intentionally think about how things are in the present, you will usually find that things are O.K. The removal of thoughts of the past or constantly focusing on the future is where negativity plays dirty and sucks all the fun out of life.

Recognize the great benefit of just enjoying the moment and the joy to be found in the present. Hang onto the the simple feeling of just being. Relax and enJOY the flow of life.

3. Reframe for A Reality You Love

We always have a choice and can choose to focus on the reality we want, it only takes reframing what is available to us.

When you notice a negative thought, ask yourself what the direct opposite would be. You do not need to imagine how that reality will happen, only how you want to feel when it does come true.

Do not limit your reality. If you are having trouble believing a certain reality is possible for you, look around for success stories. The world is full of inspiring turn arounds!

Use other peoples stories as proof that you can have it too and then go for it, create the visual that you want to experience.

4. Learn from Successful People

Do you often find yourself jealous of what others have? Open yourself up to the very people you envy. When you notice someone who is joyful, be willing to be vulnerable with them.

Ask questions, find out their secrets for joyful living. How do they work out their negativity? We all get sucked into negativity, some people have good strategies to overcome difficult mindsets. Ask them for help, their solutions may work for you.

5. Be Honest with Yourself

When you are honest with yourself about your situation you are able to develop acceptance. Acceptance of how things are in the present and then acceptance that you have the ability to change.

For example if you are deeply in debt but living beyond your means, you are going to have a difficult time feeling joyful when you spend money.

There will be an internal disconnect in your subconscious that tells you you can’t afford what you are buying. That silent thought will undermine any feeling of happiness and fulfillment for the things you buy.

When you are honest about your finances and rein your spending habits to be more in alignment with what you can afford at the moment, you will feel an internal freedom to enjoy what you purchase.

6. Forgive Everyone

When you hang onto grievances it is like a memory eraser. You will only remember your negative experiences with the people who hurt you.

You do not have to make nice with them in person, hug or kiss and be friends or family again. However, you do have to forgive them in your heart. Remember the blessing of the lesson they taught you and how it highlights your desire for people to treat you differently.  

Chose the joyful memories you may have shared if they pop into your stream of consciousness.

7. Share  your Gifts

When you offer your gifts to the world you will feel a deep sense of joy. Gain knowledge of your strengths and offer them every chance you get. Volunteer to help a friend or family member with something they are struggling with or find a volunteer position that uses your strengths and passions.

The act of giving yourself freely without any expectation of return will give you a great sense of fulfillment.

Choosing joy over negativity is available as an option in every situation you encounter.You were born to create the life you desire. You have the ability to create from your heart the experiences that will give you the most joy. Now go live it. Be it and free it!



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Charlene Anestis, is a Empowerment Coach for Healers, Coaches and Empaths who want to use their energetic power to uplevel their life and business. The mission of this blog is to empower healer, coaches and empaths to embrace their life in a way that creates massive impact on the world without sacrificing their energy. She has previously been featured on the blog Tiny Buddha.

  • Thanks for reading Tara, glad you found it useful.

  • Kiana says:

    As a Christian I can definitely get on board with this outlook! We are plagued with negativity and self-doubt – it’s only human – but we don’t have to live life with that outlook.

  • Neha Sharma says:

    Your last point is something I truly believe in. In fact my last post on my blog was also about how helping others is the key to our happiness 🙂
    Thanks for the inspirational post.

  • Jenny White says:

    Beautiful and uplifting article. Thank you.

  • Thank you Jenny glad it resonated!

  • Yes, Kiana! There are always ways to move past and look for the ways to open to more joy.

  • Your welcome Neha, I will check out your latest!

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