Champion by Choice: Liz Barker

Be the Champion of your Choice

Life Is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it.

Irving Berlin

Sometimes life does not always go along the way we dreamed.

There are trials and tribulations.

Challenging times that totally knock us off our feet and leave us spinning out of control on the floor.

It is in those times that we have the opportunity to become really vulnerable and accept what is happening to us.

Deal with all the raw emotion and allow it to strengthen our beliefs and our persistence to triumph in life.

Liz Barker was confronted with some life changing  situations that allowed her to use her natural tenacity to move through and learn who she is at her core.

She had planned and set out to live her own beautiful version of the american dream  . She married her high school sweetheart and became pregnant with a beautiful baby girl, Lauren who was born with downs syndrome and a fatal heart condition.

Tragically her little girl passed away and Liz and her family were lost in grief. Over the course of 5 years she was challenged emotionally, physically and spiritually with the loss of her daughter, an ectopic pregnancy, and a hepatitis infection at a negligent hospital.

She became pregnant for the third time and was diagnosed with breast cancer , one doctor advised her to abort.

She went for a second opinion and continued with the pregnancy, it was the turning point of her life. She decided to keep fighting and went through a mastectomy and chemo during her pregnancy

Cancer snapped her out her grief

She decided to follow her intuition from then on and question everything, she began to self advocate. Acceptance was a big part of moving forward from her grief. A Mind, Body, Spirit connectedness became part of her awareness. Avoiding Negativity in all forms a part of her healing journey.

She was raised Catholic and would now consider herself agnostic with a deep seated belief in spirituality and the astrological world. During her time of grief she worked with a man for 18 months who had been a homeopathic physician when he lived in India. He became her spiritual support and helped her to heal her heart through astrology, conversations about destiny and soul agreements.

Her experiences have taught her valuable life lessons.

She recommends that anyone going through a challenging time follow the rule of the three R’s

  • Recognize- Accept whatever has happened.
  • Reflect- Do your homework, educate yourself with research, get second opinions. Seek outside help when needed.
  • React- You’ve got to take action and move forward.

Liz is a fellow Yogi and also reminds others to summon their inner warrior!

As Humans we will all experience times that are emotionally, mentally and spiritually challenging.

Times that we just want to give up.

These times often can feel like the demise of our dreams.

Make us wonder about the sense of it all.

The vision of the world we wanted to create becomes distant and we are forced to accept another reality.

If we flow with the reality and accept our situation we can then create from a place of inner guidance.

We are able to recognize what truly matters in our world and what we are willing to sacrifice.

It is then that we discover the Champion inside.

Liz Barker lives in Philadelphia, she is a speaker, the author of Changed by Chance: My Journey of Triumph Over Tragedy and an award winning career mom.  You may find out more about Liz and the book about her Inspiring story at


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