April Practice Guide: Embracing Your Unique Qualities


Focus of the Month: Clarity of Being

You are unique. This month is all about who you are at your very core. What is your inner truth trying to tell you about how you operate in the world around you. Are you a catalyst? an observer? Do you portray yourself as you are or do you hide those qualities?

How do these qualities allow growth in your life? Do they allow you to step into situations strongly? Do they block you in any way? How do they affect your relationship, career or wellness?

Getting in touch with your own authenticity and knowing how much you’re willing to share is the first step to feeling confident and empowered. Nothing about you is right or wrong, just unique. Aligning with your unique qualities and working with them as a strength in everything you pursue will open up more opportunities for you.

Energy Technique:

Pick one quality of your personality, Name it and think about how you can use it in a situation you are facing.

Imagine the outcome you wish for the situation.

See yourself interacting in the situation and using this quality to help you along.

Let the ideas flow on the different scenarios that may happen, breathe into the energy of your heart space and align with your quality.

Let yourself feel empowered knowing that the energy of this quality can support you.

Notice how you feel in your body.

Write in your journal about your experience.

After the situation is complete write about your outcome, how the energy of your quality supported you, and if you were able to embrace the quality.

Monthly Offer: Energy Clarifying Session

Strengthening who you are.

This session will focus on exploring one aspect of your personality you would like to strengthen. We all have similar qualities yet it is how we present those qualities to the world through our interactions that show our uniqueness.

When you hide a weakness or an aspect of yourself from others it creates a barrier in different areas of your life, preventing your success or satisfaction with life.

When you are open to working with it and integrating it into your life, You feel acceptance, empowerment to change and ease in your relationships.

This is a combined energy healing session with a strategy session to uncover the barrier and set in place a plan to harmonize this aspect of yourself in your everyday life.

90 Minute Session on the phone

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Throat Chakra- Wear more Blue.

Gems and Stones:  Turquoise, Malachite .

Essential Oil: Peppermint, Bergamot
Peppermint has many uses. Is used often for Digestion and alertness. It has a sharp strong taste and when put in your water or tea it will cleanse the throat and it feel more open. Bergamot helps to calm agitation and anxiety enabling you to feel calm when communicating.

If you are local email me to see if I have the oils in stock or order here and have it directly shipped to your home.  https://www.youngliving.org/canestis

Simple Yoga for the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the energy center that is affected by our communication. When you push down feelings or don’t express your thoughts it can result in throat and neck issues. Embracing your self-expression will help clear these issues getting you in touch with your own unique voice. You can also use yoga poses, chanting or singing out loud to help remove the blockages as well.

How to open the throat chakra with Kundalini Yoga

The following seems like a funny yoga pose and you may feel ridiculous practicing but it is very powerful!

Energy Healing, stretch and yoga pose for visshudha

Energy Card of the Month:

Envy Reversed :

This card came in reversed and is very fitting as it connects with all of the other information above.

The energy this month is focused around releasing your envy of others. You are unique, you cannot be just like someone else. Allow yourself to celebrate the unique life that long to lead. When you allow envy to slip away you will be able to find gratitude in the abundant life you already have and your abundance will grow. You already have everything you desire you just need to turn towards it and recognize and acknowledge that it is good. It may feel like a sacrifice to stop wanting what another has, but once you do, you open the door for something better that is custom tailored for you.

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