3 Miracles that Happen When You Unplug



Does the thought of unplugging bring a feeling of panic?

Could you do it?

Are you addicted to technology?

Always tapping on your phone screen checking for messages.

Often in these technological times it seems impossible to get away from the noise and distractions of the world. We get coaxed into using technology as our connection to people and what is going on around us. Soon we find that technological conversations are brief and shallow.

The daily news is mostly negative and we realize how disconnected from ourselves and others we have become.

I know, there is nothing like being recognized on Facebook for your birthday it can be pretty exciting when so many people stop their day to type you a message.

Do you remember your most fond birthday memory?

I bet you remember every detail.

Do you remember anything about your last Facebook birthday, I would guess only vaguely.

What if you were to disconnect from all technology for 24 hours?

During my Reiki Master program I had to complete a 24 hour “vision quest”. I had to unplug from the world, Spend 24 hours alone with no technology, no food preparation, chores or other ways to amuse myself. I was to concentrate on healing, resting and writing in a journal every four hours.

It was a little daunting to imagine getting through it at first, no outside contact whatsoever.

Here are a few of the miracles that happen when you intentionally unplug for a set period of time.

Plugging up the Physical Exhaustion

When we are constantly scanning screens it creates a significant amount of strain on our physical body. You will notice that your eyes are sore from constantly staring at a screen. They immediately will begin to relax when you unplug soon you will find yourself looking for something pleasing to look at, the abundant beauty you have been missing.









Your face will also relax, helping you look younger, we tense our face when we take on a look of concentration.

Have you ever noticed any cramping from using technology? Experiment by putting your hands flat on a table and try leaning over the table placing some of your body weight on your hands , do you feel an uncomfortable stretch in your thumb and palm? That is most likely caused by gripping a phone frequently or perhaps you have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel from overuse of a mouse.

Your head will also start to calm when you unplug. Have you ever noticed the buzzing brain you get from surfing the internet?

Once your brain settles back into the place of peacefulness it unknowingly craves you become more aware of your body and internal energy level. How rested do you feel? When was the last time you got a good uninterrupted night’s sleep?

Being aware of your internal energy is the most important part of taking care of your body, it influences how you eat, exercise and essentially controls how you accomplish your daily activities.   Technology is tiring, it takes a toll on us physically when we concentrate  deeply on something and disconnect from our surroundings and our physical bodies.

Stopping the Monkey Mind

Immediately you may feel some resistance to the unplugging, you might feel like there is something you have forgotten to take care of,  it is o.k. to feel this way it will pass. This is a mental pattern that the majority of people fall into with technology.

Another pattern is to read and consume as much information as we can in as little time as possible. We are essentially training our brain into the monkey mind set.

You may notice days when your mind is racing along like a runaway train. Is it at all possible you have trained yourself into this?

Our minds are not meant to be on constant overdrive, we need our thoughts to slow and our minds to become peaceful. This is where we are able to create from, where our true self tells us what we want. 

Healing Begins and Creativity is unleashed


When we unplug and let go of the physical and mental hold that technology has over us we will open up our intuition and creative abilities.

You may think unplugging and having a quiet mind will be boring, this is not the case at all.

At first you may notice thoughts and feelings you have been avoiding or patterns you have fallen into that are not healthy for you.

A first reaction may be to shut down the uncomfortable feelings. These feelings and thoughts have probably been buried for a while as you have become stuck in the habit of hiding them away.

We often avoid feelings and thoughts when we do not know what to do next, we become stuck in these circular thoughts and stories.

However if you were to exam them and figure out what meaning they have to you , what lessons they are teaching you and how you would like to address similar situations in the future you will be able to transform them into the blessing they are meant to become.

Healing will begin when you make peace with the situations of your past and future. This is the space you learn what your heart truly desires.

It is where your intuition sits, you will find your creativity will begin to flow freely.

New ideas and dreams will start to form or you will retrieve from deep within you the lost hopes and dreams you have hidden away.

When I took my 24 hours unplugged I was amazed at the clarity I gained. The healing feelings I felt and the solutions that came to me for things that had been bothering me for a while.

You may ask? All this from simply unplugging?

Yes, many people stuck in their habits do not recognize their actions shut down so much of their Intuition and creativity.

They give up their own dreams in the quest to search out other experiences in life thru technology.

They seek their solutions from google rather than their own intuitive inner guidance.

Most people want to live a connected existence, creating the life of their dreams yet they let go of their personal goals and just exist.

So what will happen for you if you unplug? What experiences will open up for you. Will you connect to the beautiful life that surrounds you?

Are there solutions to problems that have not manifested for you? Have you been feeling rested and creative , how are you connecting to your joyful life?




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