Fight or Flight vs. Accept & Align

It's your choice to feel empowered.

Being sensitive needn't be painful or leave you feeling powerless.

I know you want to gain confidence in crowds, feel energized so you may embrace every moment of your life and it would be a whole lot easier if you could manage your emotions like an old soul.

Wouldn't it be great if you could shop with a friend at the mall, eagerly attend social gatherings and deal with conflict while remaining calm.

Life should be full of joy after all.

Here's the secret...

You have an incredible gift , a sensitivity that allows you to experience life in a deeply meaningful way and it allows you the ability to influence your world when you learn to harness all that Empathic power. But right now it may feel like a curse.

My secret power is in guiding you to consciously harness that energy, You’ll gain confidence, be emotionally in control and celebrate the gift of being an Sensitive Empath or Healer.

My highest intention is to support your resiliency and so you are able to influence the very situations that usually leave you feeling defeated, drained and withdrawn.

Accepting and Aligning will empower you to manifest your true desires , give you the freedom to accomplish dreams you never thought possible and have experiences that fulfill your purpose.

When you work with me you get access to everything I know about Spiritual Development, Energy Mastery and Tapping into that powerhouse known as your Consciousness.

As we work together, I’ll encourage you to shift your beliefs about managing your energy, uncover your unconscious blocks and together we will create a map for you to apply when you want more flow and less drama.​

By the time our work together is complete you’ll celebrate the gift of being an empath or healer, be able to navigate society freely and your body will be a finely tuned temple so you’ll never have to feel like an emotionally and physically drained mess again.​

If you want to take control grab my 101 tips to become a Healthy & Energized !

I'm here to help empower you to develop your strengths and gifts so you stop feeling energetically depleted and emotionally defeated.

Hello, I'm Charlene Anestis

I’m a Transformational Coach for sensitive souls, healers and empaths . I work with those who desire to embrace their sensitivities, gain more emotional clarity,and feel confident as they approach life with joy.

Thinking about working with me?