Embrace Your Life with Clarity Session

If you desire to go after something that would be a game changing in your life it takes courage and determination to actually make it happen. So often clients will live with the consequences for months if not years, when they let a goal lay dormant after the first few attempts. Setting them up for long term low energy living.

The biggest factor I have found amongst the subjects we have explored in these sessions is the inner voice of my clients. Mainly the tone and language of their inner critic. 

Giving up on your goals when self-doubt, mis-alignment or life obstacles come up can create long term "disability" in living your dreams. 

These are some of the subjects that my clients have focused on in our 90 minute intensive and healing sessions.

  • Have better relationships.
  • Make peace with the past.
  • Find forgiveness for self or another person.
  • Have more confidence in your life and career.
  • Zero in on where you need to focus to uplevel in your business or career
  • Laying out a plan for Holistic Healty Living.

During our 90 minute session we will delve in and discover what your heart is calling for and lay out a plan to accept it, And yes it is already available to you , you only need to open yourself up to it.

Take a Life Inventory 

What makes your life one that is amazing? Where could life improve for you and what would it take to create lasting change

Evaluate your Values

We will dig into your book of life and discover what motivates you and learn how apply those values.

Heal and Move Forward

It is our beliefs that keep us from receiving our deepest desires. Once you heal the thought and change the story your unlimited!

Create an Aligned Plan

Creating a set of guidelines to follow in alignment of your core values and beliefs can assure that you will attain your goal.

Create From Within

Setting a goal WITHOUT an intention and knowing why you want it and what it will feel like when you achieve it, is like blindly poking around in a messy closet for the outfit you never bought.  It will not be available for you no matter how much you search.


You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe,deserve your love and affection - Buddha

Get The Basics  Steps to Accomplish
anything you want to Achieve or Become

There is no reason to continue with those willy nilly ways of goal setting that leave you feeling disappointed and hopeless.

What Others Say


Charlene provides a wonderful space for contemplation and self-exploration. She encourages the process through her keen ability to probe deeply and bring awareness where it is needed. I experienced Charlene’s compassion and sensitivity throughout the 3 months I worked with her, and recommend her to anyone looking to develop a better understanding of themselves and what holds them back. 

Shelina W



WOW! The results of our Sessions have truly been incredible. After looking at my wheel of life from our first session, I truly feel like I have gone up in almost every category. What’s even better though for me, is that I feel like I’ve been able to prioritize and accept where I’m at.  

Jessica L


At the beginning of our work together I had some apprehension and anxiety as I didn’t fully understood the process ahead of time and I wasn’t sure about my time availability to really focus on getting out of my rut.

But I chose to trust the process and let it flow. Even during a difficult time, you helped me work through my anxiety and chunk down tasks into really manageable goals.

I liked the beginning, where I got to understand what I value and you helped me to make goals that tie into that and honor my strengths so I could stop going against the flow.

You’re quite good. Patient, kind, and a stickler too, when needed.

And I’m actually getting shit done now. My work is going much better. And I’m scheduling bite sized organizing sessions.

 Lynnie V.

Charlene Anestis

I'm a Transformational Healing Coach who empowers sensitive souls who have awakened and decided they want inner-peace and self-love while rocking a thriving life.
We all have the ability to reach our highest potential and I have found that once you start to master inner-peace and self-love it is a joy to shine your brilliant light into the world.
The blog Embracing Life Now is my playground where I share the tools that I have practiced personally for over 10 years and with clients as a coach and healer. I have previously been featured on the blog Tiny Buddha.


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Price $177.00

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