6 Quick Tips to Control Stress


Stress has become obscenely regular in everyday life.

Every one seems to be suffering from it excessively including the children.

Are your Stress levels out of control?

It is one of the top complaints of my clients and they all have different reasons why stress is affecting them. We have become a society that puts pressure on ourselves and others in every way possible.

We are bombarded with responsibilities, performance pressure in our jobs, social and family obligations, and a multitude of other ways that put us under stress and it’s weighty effects.

This article from one of my favorite websites the Heartmath Institute explains how stress affects the body in simple terms.

So how do you learn to control it and get back into balance? Here are 6 quick tips to stay balanced.

1. Learn to Breathe again!

This is the number one tool you possess to help with the majority of problems in your life. We have become shallow breathers, we only breathe into the top half of our lungs. If you watch a baby breathe you will notice their tummy rise, if you watch an adult you will not notice this , many adults keep their midsection from moving, It causes less oxygenation to your cells . Breathe deeply and you will activate the relaxation response which will have you feeling better quickly.

2. Stay in the present moment.

Is your mind always darting around in the past or the future? Do you spend most of your time planning your next week, month , year . Do you find your self projecting what might happen in the future as well? I call this setting up future land mines, you do not know when you will step on them but are always on edge waiting for them to explode! Stay on today and what you have going on this very moment, not a minute from now nor 6 months.

3. What is the underlying problem here?

We all have our stress scapegoat, “My schedule and responsibilities stress me out” “My Job stresses me out” “My Mother” Etc. Etc. Etc. Guess what? That is the biggest fallacy going. The true reason you are stressed, and I want to be gentle here, is that you have trouble admitting and seeking help finding solutions for the things you do not know how to handle….

You bury your concerns deeply and spend time revisiting them over and over again in your mind without coming up with a new perspective or new idea on how to deal with the situation. You are scared to admit you have taken on too much, or are fearful of being truthful with someone about your feelings or abilities , or have an unrealistic view of possibly failing.

It is o.k. I understand , we all hide when we do not know what to do, it is human nature. You need to stop being the Martyr and share you truth in a timely and reasonable manor . You are not weak or a failure if you do! You will be amazed at the relief this brings. If you learn to do this well you will find more balance and less stress!

4. Plan , Plan, Plan.

In #2 it was important  to stay in the present moment but this is simply knowing what your priorities are that need to get done. You have a to do list or if not you should at the very least have some kind of calendar usage that does not let you forget anything.

Stress can be caused by fear of the unknown as well. If you are always wondering if you will forget something you will be stressed out! So find a system that works for you and be consistent. If you have a particularly long list only concentrate on the one item you need to complete right now. The more you focus on the task at hand with no distractions the more efficient you will be, hence the more you can accomplish.

5. Take some time.

Take at least a 5 minute break sporadically through out the day to do something you enjoy, refresh before you go back to what you have on you agenda. Avoid the bombardment of the TV or social media however as these cause their own genre of stress.

Whether it is watching birds out the window, Meditating, (with the concentration on the breath of course) savoring your coffee with no distractions or listening to your favorite stress busting song on your phone (dancing allowed) . You need to recharge periodically, let go and just chill. This breaks up you tasks a bit, gives some enjoyment and will make things run a lot smoother after you return to your agenda.

6. Journal.

Write down all the extra thoughts taking up space in your mind. All the bad feelings, fears, disappointments and anything else that is not serving you at this moment. These thoughts are the rivers of garbage in our mind. They can put you in a dark place and have a negative influence on your overall being.

You will be more balanced if you can get them out and look at them later from a neutral state of mind. Detach from them, observe them but do not keep them active inside if they are not actively involved in the task or interaction you are having in the moment.

Implement and practice these simple tips regularly and you will find your stress levels no longer out of control.

Some will be easier than others for you to follow, over time you will find these habits become second nature.

You will be able to handle stressful situations. Speak your truth to gather new perspective and assistance with your work load. You will gather more Enjoyment and Joy in your everyday life.

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